Welcome to the counseling website for Flagstaff Academy!

I'm glad you've found the site and hope that it is helpful to you whether you are a student, teacher or parent. This site is intended to provide information on health and wellness, and to describe how the counseling department works at Flagstaff Academy.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Counseling Program

We use a tiered intervention system which addresses the varying level of needs of our students and staff.
For a more complete picture, please take a look at the Counseling Overview.

Tier 1:
Classroom presentations/interventions
This might be a talk on self-esteem, friendship, grief, conflict resolution, pro-social skills, character building or stress-management techniques. An intervention could be tailored to address what several students may be particularly struggling with.

Tier 2
: Consultation
This would be a one-time meeting with a parent, teacher or student to provide skills training, crisis intervention or advice.

Tier 3:
Group counseling
Throughout the year, I will offer counseling in a group format, bringing together students struggling with similar issues. Examples are divorce, anger management, social skills or grief support. These groups vary in their length.

Tier 4:
Individual counseling
If other interventions were not helpful, it may be necessary for a student to receive more intensive individual counseling. I offer brief, solution focused individual counseling during times of stress or crisis, keeping in touch with parents and teachers throughout to best support the student. If, at the end of that time, I feel that more counseling would be helpful, I will discuss options with parents.
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