Meet ASB

Meet Sunny Hills ASB 2019-2020

What is ASB?- ASB stands for Associated Student Body which  represents the interests and provides a voice for the students on campus. They meet to address the needs of Sunny Hills High School students and help create a positive climate and culture around campus. Each year there are approximately 50 ASB members:

  • 4  Executive Board Officers elected by the student body.

  • 4 Class Presidents elected by their respective graduating class.

  • Approximately 50 appointed members that are selected by the Executive Cabinet.

What does ASB do?-  The Associated Student Body representatives plan and coordinate Back to School Night, school dances, spirit weeks, pep rallies, assemblies, school elections, etc., and efficiently work together to make sure school events are successfully completed.



Karen Lee

Vice President

Aimee Park


Sydney Kim


Evan Kim


Senior Class

Rachel Kim

Junior Class

Daniel Magpayo

Sophomore Class

Joseph Roh

Freshman Class


ASB Elected Officers 2019-2020

ASB Executive Officers

President: Karen Lee

Vice President: Aimee Park

Secretary: Sydney Kim

Treasurer: Evan Kim

Senior Class (Class of 2020)

President: Rachel Kim

Vice President: Abby Kim

Secretary: Sydney Kim

Treasurer: Ruben Parker

Junior Class (Class of 2021)

President: Daniel Magpayo

Vice President: Albert Chung

Secretary: Ethan Mercado

Treasurer: Ethan Lau

Sophomore Class (Class of 2022)

President: Joseph Roh

Vice President: Aimee Kwon

Secretary: Ellen Kim

Treasurer: Patrick Vincent Jimenez

Freshman Class (Class of 2023)

President: TBD

Vice President: TBD

Secretary: TBD

Treasurer: TBD

Note: Freshman elections are held in the Fall.