Tarea y en clase (in class & HW)

Thursday, 8-13-15

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Homework:  Sign into your Quizlet Account and learn the Flashcards 15 minutes


Today we are going to go over Lección Preliminar Greetings and Good-byes!

Buenos días song

Two Fish Greet, Ask How Each is Feeling & Say Goodbye

Basketball Court Interview

1)  Practice calling yourself YO.
2)  Be prepared to participate and respect all.
3)  Think of one good reason why one would want to learn Spanish. 
4)  Think about the concept of two ways to say "you."  
Tú (informal)  and Ud. (usted)  - formal
One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song:
Lección Preliminar Greetings MyBigCampus Bundle:  http://www.mybigcampus.com/bundles/a1-lp-greetings-goodbyes---220699

PowerPoint Attached!

Wednesday, 8-12-15

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Today in Class we:
1) Did a textbook scavenger hunt!

No homework (except to catch up on Monday's homework)

Tuesday, 8-11-15

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  • Do yesterday's Quizlet homework for 3/5 credit if you didn't do it yesterday and were not absent yesterday.  If you were absent Monday then do yesterday's work for full credit.
  • Do yesterday's Remind homework for 3/5 credit if you didn't do it yesterday and were not absent yesterday.  If you were absent Monday then do yesterday's work for full credit.
Today in class we:
  • wrote a one page paper on our partner in class
  • studied our p. 25 or Quizlet vocabulary.  

Quizlet members include:
I will approve any new requests for today at 11:59pm for fairness.

If you do not understand yesterday's work email Sra. Slim at mslim@fjuhsd.org 

8-10-15 (Monday)

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  • Sign up for the correct Quizlet class:
    • Quizlet can be used on a phone (app) or on the web (browser). 
    • Make a profile with a username that can identify you.  
    • Make sure to sign up for correct section: 

    • Period 1  or if you already have a profile, join the class here

      Period 6  or if you already have a profile, join the class here

  • Sign up for Remind.  Here are two ways to sign up:
    • 1)  text the message @8c7c to 81010
    • AND/OR 2)  send a blank email to 8c7c@mail.remind.com (see pictures below)

My sons:

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My dogs:

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Cami (2 years old?)                    Daisy (10 years old?)

End of Semester

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1)  Vocabulary Quiz
2)  Saber vs Conocer (to know)  Tarjetas

3)  Trini Salgado saga 6.2

4)  6.1 Packet page 10


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HOMEWORK:  6.1 Quizlet LEARN and SPACE RACE!!!

Vocabulary Quiz Tomorrow, 5/15/15 (FRIDAY)

Know where sports are played:  la cancha - el campo -   la piscina  - el estadio
Be able to write out baseball, tennis, soccer, inline skating, volleyball in spanish.
Fill out some descriptions using Spanish words from a word box.
Read sentences and figure out which sentences complete the thoughts. 


Review 5.2 TEST

Prepare for FINAL EXAM


6.1 (for Final)



Today WS 6-10


Saber y Conocer:

Saber and Conocer Practice # 5

Nombre: ________________________________  Clase: ________  Fecha: ______________________

1. Yo _______________________ a Juan. Somos muy buenos amigos.

2. Busco el libro. ¿ ____________________ usted dónde está?

3. Tengo que llamar a María. ¿ ____________________ (tú) su número de teléfono?

4. Pablo es joven. No ____________________ conducir.

5. ¿Quiere hablar bien el español? Es necesario____________________ los verbos irregulares.

6. La chica es muy inteligente. ____________________ el álgebra.

7. ____________________ los cuadros de Picasso. Nos gustan.

8. Ud. y Humberto no ____________________ bien Acapulco. Es su primera vez en México.

9. Son bilingües. ____________________ hablar español e inglés.

10. Mis amigos y yo ____________________ esquiar bien.

11. ¿____________________ tú al muchacho rubio?

12. La señora ____________________ Santo Domingo.

13. Yo ____________________ donde está la República Dominicana.

14. Yo no ____________________ al profesor de inglés.

15. Yo ___________________________ que Madrid está en España.

16. Nosotros ______________________ que hace calor en el verano.

17. ¿______________________ tú a la profesora? Es muy simpática.

18. Yo ___________________ la ciudad de Santiago de Compostela.

19. Los estudiantes ____________________ que hay una prueba hoy.

20. Paco _________________________________________ a Elena.

21. Paco _________________________ que Elena está enferma hoy.

22.  Ángel _________________________________ tocar la guitarra.

23. Nosotros ______________________________ hablar en español.

24. Beatriz_______________________________ la lengua castellana.

25. Yo _____________________________ que la fiesta es el sábado.

26. Yo ________________________ a todos los alumnos de mi clase.

27. Esteban dice que ____________________ al autor de esa novela.

28. Ellos _____________________________________ escribir bien.

29. Nosotros ____________________________________ Alemania.


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vocabulary quiz is now Friday.

All Classes:  write out 20 sentences using new 6.1 vocabulary and illustrate 15 of them.  turn in at end of period.

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