Monday 8/12 (Unit 0 – The Scientific Method)

Introduction Cards

Go Over:

1. Syllabus 4. Tips To Succeed

2. Late Passes 5. Binder Format

3. Parent Consent

Ice Breaker Activity

HW: See Announcements

Tuesday 8/13 (Unit 0 – The Scientific Method)

Tour Of The Classroom

Science Is – Science Is Not

Begin Scientific Method Ed Puzzle

HW: Finish Scientific Ed Puzzle

Wednesday 8/14

Discuss Ed Puzzle Results

Discuss Stamp Sheet

Scientific Method Flow Chart ◄1

-Student Attempt


-Revise/Refine On Back

HW: The Tools Of Your Textbook◄2

Thursday 8/15

Discuss The Tools Of Your Textbook

Types Of Variables: Independent vs. Dependent vs. Constant ◄3

-Student Attempt


Qualitative vs. Quantitative ◄4

-Student Attempt


HW: Inferences vs. Observations

Friday 8/16

Discuss Qual. Vs. Quant & Inf vs. Obs.

Lab #1: Cork (Qualitative vs. Quantitative)

Binder Check (50 points)

HW: Have A Great Weekend

Monday 8/19 (Unit 0 – The Scientific Method)

Mean vs. Median vs. Mode

-Class discussion

-Complete #1 Together

-Class Finishes

HW: None

Tuesday 8/20 (Unit 0 – The Scientific Method)

Discuss Data Table Requirements

How To Graph Discussion

Graphing Activity◄5

Preview Lab #2: Scientific Method Using M&Ms

HW: M&M Pre-Lab Questions

Wednesday 8/21

Discuss Pre-Lab Questions

Lab #2: Scientific Method Using M&Ms

-Data Gathering


HW: Finish Graphing

Thursday 8/22

Lab #2: Scientific Method Using M&Ms


-Reflection And Application

-Turn In

Syllabus And Handouts Quiz

HW: None

Friday 8/23

Discuss And Grade Lab #2

Robots: Living or Nonliving?◄6

HW: Characteristic Of Living Things Chart From Chapter 1-3◄7

Monday 8/26

Discuss Characteristic Of Living Things Chart From Chapter 1-3

Lab #3: Living vs. Nonliving

HW: Finish Lab #3: Living vs. Nonliving

(Take pic of stations you did not get to)

Tuesday 8/27 (Begin Unit 1)

Turn In Lab #3

Vocabulary – 13 Levels Of Organization◄8

- .PDF In Unit 1 Folder Of Google Drive

- Term – Definition (4 Examples Except Biosphere!)

Stamp All Work From Unit 0

Organize Binders

HW: Finish Levels Of Organization Vocabulary

Wednesday 8/28

The 13 Levels of Organization in Biology Flowchart◄9

-Terms In Order

-Detailed Illustrations

-Definitions Below Terms

HW: Finish Flowchart

Thursday 8/29

Grade Lab #3

Population vs. Community Differences◄10

Ecosystem vs. Biome Differences◄11

HW: Finish Differences Pages

Friday 8/30

Discuss “Differences” Page

Introduction To Storylines

Begin Serengeti Storyline Lesson 1

-Worksheets Questions 1-5◄12

-Create Driving Question Board

HW: Have A Great Weekend

Monday 9/2

No School

Tuesday 9/3

Categorize/Discuss Driving Question Board

Begin Lecture Notes: Populations◄13

How To Outline Handout & Discuss

HW: Outline 5.1◄14

Wednesday 9/4

Finish Lecture Notes: Populations◄15

African Buffalo Population Discussion: What Are Their Defenses & Competition?

Biozone Worksheet◄16

HW: Outline 5.2◄17

Thursday 9/5

Discuss Biozone Worksheet

OH BUFFALO! Population Game◄18

-Mr. Fox Records Populations

-Class Graphs Data

HW: Finish Buffalo Game Questions

Friday 9/6

Discuss “Oh Buffalo!” Results

Revisit Storyline Lesson 1 Question 5

Lecture Notes: Ecology (Ecology-Food Webs) ◄19

HW: Have A Great Weekend

Monday 9/9

Food Web Activity

HW: Finish Food Web Activity

Read “”

Tuesday 9/10

Answer Storyline Lesson 1 Question 6

Continue Serengeti Storyline Lesson 1

-Video, Google Maps, Trap Data Read/Annotate “The Serengeti Plain” In Groups Of 5 (Each Person Take A Paragraph And Annotate/Discuss) ◄20

HW: Answer Questions 16,17,&19

Wednesday 9/11

Grade Food Web Activity

Storyline Discussion:

-Trap Data: Why Herbivores Outnumber Carnivores?

-Main Ideas From “The Serengeti Plain”

-HW Questions

-Geology Of Serengeti Plain

Lecture Notes: Succession ◄21 (In Ecology Packet)

HW: Outline 4-1◄22

Thursday 9/12

Storyline Lesson 2◄23

-Students Break Into 6 Groups

-Read, Fill Out Table Row, Share

-Class Completes Data Table Together Via Doc Camera

-Work On Conclusion/Next Steps Questions

HW: Finish Conclusion/Next Steps Questions

Friday 9/13

Discuss HW Questions

Organization/Population Quiz

Video Notes: Life In Grasslands◄24

- BBC Earth: Africa African S1E2 Savannah (1st 7 Min - Geography)

- Planet Earth II: Grasslands (1st 12:30 Min – Climate)

HW: Have A Great Weekend

Monday 9/16

In Class Assignment (Check Google Classroom):

1. You have been assigned an Edpuzzle. Watch entire video with your headphones while answering the questions.

2. Answer the following questions on a sheet of lined paper: From what macromolecule do you think buffalo get most of their energy? What evidence from the video do you have to support this claim?

Biological Molecules Mini-Notes (Doc Cam) ◄25

HW: Outline Chapter 2-3◄26

Tuesday 9/17

What Is POGIL?

Macromolecules POGIL

HW: None

Wednesday 9/18

Finish POGIL

Macromolecules CER

Turn In POGIL/CER At End Of Period

HW: Outline Chapter 3-2 (Pg. 67-71 Make Pg. 71 A Diagram On Your Paper!) ◄27

Thursday 9/19

Grade Macromolecules POGIL/CER

Macromolecule Chart: Cut and Paste◄28

HW: Finish Chart

Friday 9/20

Illustrate A Food Chain In Africa◄29

- Use Chromebook For Research

Class Discussion: What Would Affect The Food Source Of Each Link?

1st Half Ecology Lecture: Climate, Heat Transport, Biome Zones◄30

HW: Have A Great Weekend

Monday 9/23

2nd Half Ecology Lecture: Climate, Heat Transport, Biome Zones

Video Notes: Geography Of Africa◄31

*5 Observations On Blank Page

HW: Outline Pg. 72-73 (Bio Pyramids)◄32

Tuesday 9/24

Ecology Notes: Bio/Energy Pyramids And Symbiotic Relationships◄33

Storyline Lesson 3 ◄34

HW: None

Wednesday 9/25

Discuss Storyline Lesson 3

Stamp ALL Work

HW: None

Thursday 9/26

Begin Storyline Lesson 4 (Question 1) ◄35

Watch “Battle at Serengeti (Buffalo, Lions & Elephants)”

Lesson 4 Questions 2-4

PowerPoint Notes To Show Lion Population

Lesson 4 Question 5

Ecology Review Packet Pages 1-2

HW: Finish Review Packet Page 1-2

Friday 9/27

Quiz: Climate, Biological Pyramids, Macromolecules

Ecology Review Packet Page 3

HW: Have A Great Weekend

Monday 9/30

Video Notes: Strange Days (Predators) ◄36

HW: Ecology Review Packet Page 4

Tuesday 10/1

Storyline Lesson 4

-Question 1

-Rinderpest Timeline Format

-NYT Rinderpest Article Read (Groups Of 4)

-Create Timeline

HW: Finish Timeline

Wednesday 10/2

Continue Storyline Lesson 4

-Complete 4Cs Thinking Routine From Yesterday’s Reading

-Create Model Showing How The Elimination Of Rinderpest Affected The Serengeti Buffalo Population (Groups Of 4)

HW: Finish Model

Thursday 10/3

EdPuzzle: Keystone Species and Trophic Cascades

Discussion Of Storyline: What Are The Keystone Species?

HW: Finish Review Packet If Needed

Friday 10/4

Unit Review Game

* Winning Side Gets Extra Credit

HW: Study For Unit 1 Exam

Get Stamp Sheet Signed

Complete Any Missing Work

Monday 10/7


Turn In Signed Stamp Sheet

Turn In Unit Review Packet


Tuesday 10/8

Discuss Unit 1 Exam Results

Organize Binders

Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote Activity◄1

-Cut Out Pocket & Glue To Back Of Venn Diagram

-Cut Out Pieces & Put In Pocket

HW: Outline 7-1◄2


Wednesday 10/9

EdPuzzle: Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes

Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote Activity

-Sort Out Pieces To Complete Venn Diagram

-Use Chromebook For Reference

-Take A Picture When Done

HW: Outline 7-2◄3


Thursday 10/10

Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote Activity

-Assemble Pieces

-Discuss Correct Layout

Color and Label Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell Organelles◄4

HW: Finish Coloring and Labeling Organelles

Friday 10/11

Discuss Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell Organelles

EdPuzzle: Overview Of The Microscope

HW: Finish EdPuzzle

Monday 10/14

No School

Tuesday 10/15 (In 907 4,5,&6)

Lab #4: Microscope “E” Lab

-Microscope Anatomy

-Teach How To Make Wet Mount Slide

-Perform Lab

HW: Finish E Lab