Lindependence 2008

Tux comes to Felton, California 

So where is Felton California and what do they do there?  click here to find out. 

It's one thing to to change someone over from Windows to Linux.  That in itself is a gratifying experience. Then, you get your second defection from the chained-down world of Microsoft Windows, then the third...

Life is indeed good.

But what if...just what if you could open the eyes of hundreds, maybe thousands of people at one time.

That would indeed be amazing.

That is exactly what we are going to do.

You and I.

On July 28th, 2008; a significant percentage of Felton will go Microsoft-free for one week...maybe an entire month. Maybe for good. The arrangements have been made and the news is going forth in Felton.  Businesses and home users alike are excited about one of their own -- Larry Cafiero of HeliOS Solutions West in Felton -- joining a committed group of volunteers into their town to show them a better way to operate their computers.  For a week...maybe a month...

If things go right, we can start talking about forever.

Christian Einfeldt, author, professional film maker, and Chief Architect of will be the professional filmmaker documenting the project from start to finish. Christian contacted me early on concerning this project and is enthusiastic about it coming together. 

HeliOS Solutions, in cooperation with Linux distributions, FOSS programs and many individuals, are pulling together the resources, know-how and equipment to make LINdependence 2008 a reality.  While the groundwork is solid, we still need to gather funding and personnel to make this happen.

How we do it.

Larry Cafiero, a newspaper editor by profession and a FOSS evangelist by avocation, is our "advance party". Larry established HeliOS Solutions West in Felton last fall. After a building fire in November where HSW was originally based made the space uninhabitable, Larry has been working from home and in March, he re-established an office in Felton, where we will base the operation.  You can contact him at if you care to assist or have any questions for him.  Larry will be taking the names and information from anyone who wants to reserve their distros place in LINdependence 2008.  Please help us make this happen by clicking the donate link above.

We all know how beneficial using Linux and FOSS is, and it's now time to share that knowledge with others. 

During the three weeks prior to "Lindependence Day," town meetings and installfests will be held to familiarize those interested Felton residents in how to go about using different media -- LiveCDs and bootable thumb drives (dual-booting for the more daring of residents) -- to use Linux for a week. With representatives of distros and FOSS programs available to answer questions and instruct folks on use of the software, there should be no shortage of information for which Feltoners can make an informed decision on their digital options.

The first two meetings/installfests are scheduled July 13 and July 15 at Taylor Hall. The July 13 (Sunday) meeting is from 1 to 5 p.m., and the July 15 (Tuesday) meeting is from 6 to 10 p.m. If you live in Felton and want more information, call 335-7303.

Should you want to be notified of any news or changes in LINdependence 2008, contact and he will put you on the mailing list.

Where we stand.

Currently, about 50 distros and about 30 FOSS programs were invited by e-mail to do two things: First, the leaders were asked to endorse the project and participate, while informing their distro/program community about it; and second, we asked for permission to post a public invitation on their forums to gain the community's support for the project. NOTE: We went through the "Contact Us" link on various distro/FOSS program sites: If you are a distro/program leader and haven't heard from us, chances are the e-mail is floating around somewhere. If you want to participate, contact us either Ken or Larry immediately to sort this out.

As of June 27th, we have six distros which have responded positively and two prominent FOSS projects/organizations.

A second letter will be going out this week following up on the first and requesting an answer -- in or out -- regarding participation in the project.  It's important for the distros to know...we won't offer any distro that isn't participating in at least some capacity in LIN08.  It wouldn't be fair to those who made the effort.

Meanwhile, on the ground in Felton, discussions have been taking place between businesses, community leaders and everyday residents involving this project. A groundswell of interest is rising. Where will you be and what will you be doing when this groundswell becomes a tsunami?

Stay tuned.