Helios Unblogged

Any hint of political correctness is extinguished here.

An arrow straight into the heart of the matter.

 "I went from highly pissed to roaring laughter in the same page.  This was a one-sitting read for me.  Twice."

 So far.

Ryan Sommers - Qualat Afghanistan

You buy a book, we build computers for disadvantaged kids...

What a deal!  


You can order "helios Unblogged" here.

"Even after all this time, I really didn't get it  - this "Linux thing" helios does. 

Then I picked the manuscript up from his desk.  

90 minutes later I was late to pick up Amanda and the office still wasn't clean.  But NOW I understand what it is you folks do...this "Linux Thing".

You  people are amazing."

Debbie  Starks/"perseis" - wife of helios


It's HERE!  "helios Unblogged"

He's finally done it.  Helios has agreed
to publish his collection of unpublished
blogs.  You just thought you knew what
he was thinking.  Now you will know without a doubt. 

If you've enjoyed his Big-As-Texas style of writing in the past , this is one collection you don't want to pass up.  Many of these entries are extremely personal in nature and sometimes the language can get a bit "salty".  Just so you know.

 Most of this work isn't really blog-type entries.  Helios  is speaking to "Somebody" as if he were exchanging letters with him.  Little did he realize that someday, Somebody would be you.

You will find over 100 pages and 3 years of rants, raves and insights into this thing we call Linux and the Linux Community.  Helios talks about many of the people in and around the Linux Community.

 His exchanges with some of them haven't always been um...genteel, but his passion for Linux and its community is nothing less than intense.  Helios shows us all...he sets the standard for being a "Linux Advocate".   Again, a word of warning to some, this can get a bit "adult" from time to time.   Asterisk editions are available upon request.

Pre-orders are being taken now. $22.50 reserves your copy.

 All pre-orders are personally autographed and assigned numerical ID for their owners.  All pre-order customers will receive a bonus addition, "Hatemail of Helios."  

Need we say more?

 While many appreciate Ken's work and are inspired, there are some who have a different take on what he does.  Some have not only disagreed with him, they've emailed him with some of he most outrageous comments and threats you can imagine.   Some of their comments were too offensive to post on his blog...but not this book.  You will have to see some of this stuff to believe it.  It's clear some just hate this guy for having a strong opinion.

 This "book" will not be in publication long, and pre-orders will end without notice so order yours today.  

Proceeds from "Helios Unblogged" will go to his effort to build computers and provide an Internet connection for disadvantaged kids.  Your purchase will help HeliOS Solutions fund that effort.

Pre-orders ship 1 July 2008.

$22.50 covers postage and handling

Order yours today