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Second Grade Newsletter 10/14/2011


Thank you for joining us at conferences this week, it was great to spend a little time with all of you. Please know we are always happy to schedule another time to meet if you would like. 


The photography lesson is next week; we are excited to learn about photography using different perspectives of insects!  Please return permission slip and $5 for photos.  Remember to bring in a digital camera with a macro function if possible.  If not, an SD Card to help transfer photos.  If not...we will work as a team, no worries!  We are super excited to host Katie Harwood as our Scientific Photographer who will teach us how to be a scientist, artist and technologist in one project! 
We will also start building our catapults this week for Engineering with Colorado School of Mines!  The project will take two weeks and then of course, we will be launching our pumpkins on Halloween at Berry Patch Farms!  Don't forget the permission slip for this also and $5 for bus, hayride and bee educational seminar.  We are learning how to be creative and innovative for sure with curriculum in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!!!  Go STEM!!!


Next Week’s Outcomes:

Science –

-Observe the waxworm life cycle- larva to pupa to adult to egg, and back to larva.

-Count and describe larval segments, legs, and other structures and behaviors of waxworms.

-Learn that some insects make silk.

-Communicate observations of insects in words and drawings.

-Provide for the needs of living insects-air, food, water, and space.

-Pine Beetle Problem Solving  


-WordPress 2nd Grade Websites

-Home page introduction

-CU Mountain Research Lab Page


-Perform cut and paste shortcuts in MS Word

-Downloading pictures

-Citing sources


-Lego® WeDo®

-Writing predictions in engineering notebook

-Drawing conclusions and documenting

-Web Cam and printing procedures

-Sketching designs and labeling


-Telling Time and writing time in a digital-clock notation

-Exploring Numbers, Time, and Geoboards

-Gathering data, entering data in a table, drawing a bar graph

-Strategy for finding the middle value in a data set

-Frames-and-Arrows problems having two rules


STEM Success “Lynx”

Thanks to our volunteers who helped make a movie to enter the Lego® Creativity Contest, we hope we win! Check out the links on the top of our webpage in Engineering and see our entries.  Our Glogster ® Insect Reports were hung in the hall and look fabulous thanks again to parents who help us so very much!   


Serving You,

The Second Grade Team

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