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Second Grade Newsletter 10/20/2011


Thank you sooooo much, we reached our total goal for the catapult fundraising in just a few days!  Thank you all so much for your generosity!  We are so lucky to be at a school where creativity and innovation can blossom with your support. 


Our goal is to really start moving forward with the MPB and the collaborative groups that have been established to come up with a solution to present to a panel in the middle of November.  We are working on teaming with the middle school students who have presented before to model what is important when you make a presentation.  We will teach the student three forms of presentational methods for this day: PhotoStory, Prezi, and a FLIP video.  They will utilize one for their presentation but will be exposed to all of the formats.  We would like to offer you a presentation night for viewing on Thursday, November 17th at 6:30 p.m.  We would like to have a potluck too, but be a zero waste event, meaning no trash in plates, silverware, etc.  Please come prepared with a dish to share that you will take home and your own dishes to use as well.  It is always fun to mingle first then get to business.  Hope to see you there.


Ms. Silvaggio’s class has the photography lesson on Tuesday; we are excited to learn about photography using different perspectives of insects! Please return permission slip and $5 for photos. Remember to bring in a digital camera with a macro function if possible. If not, an SD Card to help transfer photos. If not...we will work as a team, no worries! We are super excited to host Katie Harwood as our Scientific Photographer who will teach us how to be a scientist, artist and technologist in one project!


Next Week’s Outcomes:

Science –

-Observe the waxworm life cycle- larva to pupa to adult to egg, and back to larva.

-Observe milkweed bug life cycle – egg to nymph to adult (incomplete metamorphosis)

-Communicate observations of insects in words and drawings in science notebook.

-Provide for the needs of living insects-air, food, water, and space.

-Pine Beetle Problem Solving  


-WordPress 2nd Grade Websites

-Home page introduction

-CU Mountain Research Lab Page


-Perform cut and paste shortcuts in MS Word

-Downloading pictures

-Citing sources


-Lego® WeDo®

-Writing predictions in engineering notebook

-Drawing conclusions and documenting

-Web Cam and printing procedures

-Sketching designs and labeling

-Reverse Engineering

-Isometric Views


-Make change by counting up from the cost of an item to the amount tendered

-Solve multistep problems for amounts under $1.00

-Unit 3 Assessment

-Change-to-more number stories


STEM Success “Lynx”

Thanks to our Colorado School of Mines Bechtel Fellow for helping organize and design our catapult project!  


Serving You,

The Second Grade Team

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