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Second Grade Newsletter 10/28/2011


Berry Patch Farm Field Trip is on Monday, October 31st, we are very excited to launch pumpkins with our newly engineered catapults!  The bus will leave at 11:30 so the students will be eating lunch at the school. Please feel free to join us, but you will have to carpool or drive. The bus only holds 60! We are really getting excited for some "Pumpkin Chunking"!!! Your child may bring their costume and change before they get on the bus. Please remember no siblings may attend. 


We have been meeting and moving forward with our MPB and the presentation teams utilizing Prezi and FLIP Videos. 


We will use PikiStrips for sequential writing and transitional words.  We are also entering a writing contest from Creative Communications, our entries are based around nature utilizing Haiku poetry.  (5-7-5 syllable patterns)



Next Week’s Outcomes:

Science –

-Observe the structure and behavior of painted lady butterflies

-Observe complete metamorphosis in the butterfly and compare it to other insects

-Compare larval segments, legs, and other structures of painted lady butterflies to other insects

-Observe milkweed bug life cycle – egg to nymph to adult (incomplete metamorphosis)

-Pine Beetle Problem Solving  

-Lego® WeDo® trace the transmission of motion and transfer of energy through the machine.  Identify the pulleys and belt drive mechanism, and the effect changing the belt has on the direction and speed of the dancing birds’ movement


-WordPress 2nd Grade Websites

-Photography Workshop

-Downloading pictures




-Lego® WeDo® create a programmable model to demonstrate the knowledge and operation of digital tools and technological systems

-Almost all the objects we use every day are examples of technology

-Technology can be made of many different kinds of materials


-Engineers design technology to solve problems

-Lego® WeDo®

-Dancing Birds, build, test, and modify the dancing behavior by changing the pulleys and belt to affect the speed and direction of motion. 

-Writing predictions in engineering notebook

-Drawing conclusions and documenting


-Lego® WeDo® understand how the diameter of pulleys affects the speed of the dancing birds’ movement.  Compare the diameter and rotational speed as a ratio.  Understand and use numbers to represent the amount of time the motor is turned on in seconds and in tenths of seconds. 

-Solve parts-and-total number stories

-Reading temperatures on thermometers

-Total value of a group of coins

-Readiness for classifying geometric shapes


STEM Success “Lynx”

Thanks to Katie, our amazing photographer and photo workshop leader!  Check out our video on the 2nd Grade Photos page of the website. 


How can you help?!?! 

We would like to offer you a presentation night for viewing on Thursday, November 17th at 6:30 p.m.  We would like to have a potluck too, but be a zero waste event, meaning no trash in plates, silverware, etc.  Please come prepared with a dish to share that you will take home and your own dishes to use as well.  It is always fun to mingle first then get to business.  Hope to see you there.


Serving You,

The Second Grade Team

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