1.     Will my child be outside the entire time?

a.     No, they will have breaks going in and out of the weather.

2.     Will they have bathroom breaks?

a.     Yes, bathrooms are on the campus and we will provide a time for them to go. 

3.     What is the student/teacher ration?

a.     Please know that we care about your children.  We are taking five staff members from STEM and KSS is providing five.  Your child will be closely supervised… 1:5 ratio or 2:20 ration.  The groups will be formatted into sets of ten students with two adults, one teacher from STEM and one from KSS.

4.     Where will my child eat?

a.     There is a dining hall that can be used or a cool yurt that we may go in. 

5.     I heard the snow is chest deep, how will my child handle this?

a.     The snow on campus is approximately 4 inches. The ski area and the surrounding areas are that deep. However, we will not be going off campus.

6.     What if there are white out conditions?

a.     If there are white out conditions we will not go. If it gets bad we can also call the bus to pick us up early. The buses are prepared for snow conditions.

7.     Is my child going to get hypothermia/ frostbite?

a.     If they get cold we will take them in and warm up. KSS has extra clothing and equipment available. As long as they are dressed and prepared this will not be a problem.

8.     What if my child has asthma?

a.     There were students from 6th in each group with asthma and not one student had to use their inhaler. They are so engrossed in the learning and are given time to think and learn that they do not become over exerted. Each adult will carry the medication for their group though.

9.     What about the elements of the sun?

a.     KSS has sunscreen on campus. They will ask the students if they had prepared with sunscreen. They require them to have some sort of sun protection at all times. You may send sunglasses or a wide brim hat to protect your child.

10.                         How far will the kids be snow shoeing away from base camp?

a.     The students will not be going more than a mile. The camp leaders are amazing and are aware of you student’s needs and abilities.

11.                         Will you be communicating with the parents while on the field trip?

a.     We will have an active twitter account that will report to our website that will keep you up to date on what we are doing.

12.                         What if I am having trouble coming up the money or gear?

a.     Please let us know if this is a concern. We can always work something out with you.