There is a Shark in All of Us 
We have a secret weapon for ensuring all teachers are using technology effectively to help drive student achievement. It's each of you. Although no one person ever knows it all; collectively we can accomplish nearly anything. We have turned to a lesson from an old childhood game called "Sharks & Minnows" as a model for technology professional development. We're pleased to announce our first round of sharks:

Elementary: Lindsay Baxter, Becky Holycross, Andrea Ragsdale, Katie Tolley, Katie Hardy, Michelle Beck, Evan Willis and Carla Everett 
Middle School: Jamie Hughes, Joey Holt, Marlissa Brewer and Bryan Anderson
High School: Craig Sowers, Leighanne Shropshire, Eric Stockberger and Jordan Gerbsch
  4 Cs
Remember... It's not about the device... Our aim is not to just achieve some random student to device ratio. We want to give students the skills they need to be successful in college and in life. And, in an increasingly complex and competitive global market, we must go above and beyond just teaching 3 Rs; we must also embrace the 4 C's: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity. 

Also, as educators and parents, we must continue to teach and model for our students that learning is not a destination; it's about growth. So, if you are fearful of using technology, now is your chance to show your students that you too are still learning. By taking measured risks, we demonstrate that aiming and missing is far better than not aiming at all. And, remember, we don’t just teach students during our great lessons. When lessons and activities don’t go well, we have the opportunity to acknowledge, embrace, and teach that we are all constantly learning and growing…. and, yes, failing.