Why FMA?

Why Should You Join an FMA Chapter on Your Campus?

Now more than ever, new graduates must demonstrate that they have been preparing for their career throughout their academic life to potential employers – and membership in a student club which is part of a professional and well-known international organization is a great way to demonstrate your drive and professionalism.

FMA-sponsored college and university chapters have a unique ability to offer members the opportunity for personal and professional growth through leadership, career development, networking, and service opportunties.

More reasons to be involved in a local chapter ..........

  • Build Up Your Resume
    • Every student looks to spice up their resume, but you must be able to back up every buzzword it contains!
    • Serve as a chapter officer; add "leadership" ... "organizational skills" ... "management"
    • Be inducted as an FMA Collegiate Fellow; add "initiative" ... "dedication" ... "service"
    • Be inducted to the FMA Honor Society, add "academic achievement" ... "scholarship" 
    • And the list goes on!
  • Enhance your Networking & Communication Skills
    • The easiest way to meet others who share your interests is to join a student organization. Not only will you have shared interests, but shared worries as well! By connecting with a group of your peers, chances are more than good that one or more colleagues have been through what worries you – and they can help!
    • With the profession becoming more global each year, membership in a student organization can help you learn the intricacies of others from different cultures and countries – and there's a good chance you will need to know what is considered rude in Shanghai and how to say "Thank You" in German!
  • Get a Head Start on the Competition!
    • Student organizations not only have ties to their school, but to the local business community as well. Chapters offer members a wealth of opportunities to meet and impress potential employers – from speaker series to career days to alumni visits. 
    • You not only have access your local community, FMA's professional and academic members can be excellent sources of information, mentoring, and more! AND all student members have acess to the FMA Membership Directory!
  • Show off your Leadership Abilities!
    • Many students are not sure how an organization works, how to manage people and tasks, or how to take a task from idea to reality. Active participation in a student organization can teach you all this – and employers today expect it!. Employers are more likely to hire someone who has been involved in a student organization than one who has not.
    • FMA's Superior Chapter and Membership Development Award programs offer concrete proof of your leadership abilities to potential employers – and your chapter's attainment of one (or more!) is a great conversation starter!

FMA International Benefits

All student members receive electronic access to a wealth of career, professional develpment, and education resources, including:

Membership benefits also include:

  • Option to participate in the FMA Finance Leaders’ & other FMA conferences at a discounted member-rate
  • Option to participate in FMA's On-Line Conference Series (specifically for student members) on topics such as:
    • Stratgies for Getting the Job you Want
    • Ask an Expert
    • Marketing Yourself for a Job
    • and more!
  • FREE membership in the American Associaton of Individual Investors (AAII)

FIU Chapter:

  • Now that Spring 2014 is on its way, continue attending FMA meetings to improve your leadership skills and network for your future. 
  • Want to join the FMA National Association? Just follow these two steps.
    • Click on the "Join!" Tab and become and FMA International Member.  (This is the only fee you will have to pay) 
    • Join us at our meetings for guest speakers and light refreshments.
      • We value your commitment and we hope to see you next and every meeting.
  • Now all kind of business majors can join the FMA--the premier financial organization at FIU.
  • Members Benefit from:
    • Exclusive exposure to the recruiters of top firms
    • Networking with potential employers and top tier students
    • Training to sharpen crucial career skills
    • Mentoring
  • How can you add value? Think about it and let us know!
  • Seniors:
    • The FMA provides the relationships, training, and support you need to jump start a successful career in finance.
  • Undergrads:
    • We recommend and encourage a balance between understanding academic and work experience,
      one without the other is is not going to cut it. Members of the FMA have completed successful internships in prestigious Wall St. firms and S&P 500 companies, they are available to coach you on how to land these opportunities.

By participating in your local chapter, you gain the opportunity to:

  • Broaden your knowledge in finance and other areas
  • Sharpen your professional skills
  • Gain recognition for outstanding achievements *
  • Meet new people and make new contacts and friends
  • Gain experience you can list on your resume
  • Prepare yourself for the job world
  • Be aware of other ideas and career opportunities
  • Learn how to pursue your career path
  • Access in-depth research in finance
Individual recognition programs are the FMA Honor Society * and FMA Collegiate Fellows Program; students must meet eligibility requirements for induction.
  • As a member of a college or university student chapter, you will have the opportunity to gain experience and participate in a number of activities which be useful as your pursue your career. Each chapter selects the programs and services it offers to meet the specific needs of their members. Chapters may offer:
  • Speaker Programs
  • Field Trips
  • Chapter Newsletter Publication
  • Chapter Website Publication
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Panel Discussions
  • Banquets/Receptions
  • Meetings
  • Investment Competitions
  • Resume Book Publication
  • Business/Career Fair
  • Social Gatherings
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Community Service Activitie