Welcome to FitnessBallet Training

My name is Kate and I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I bring fitness to your home and make it interesting and effective.

As a personal trainer, I can help you overcome challenges you may have with working out... whether you do not work out at all or are just not satisfied with your current exercising routine. 
Together we can design a personalized program to help you reach your goals. My approach to fitness is focused on you: depending on your needs, conditions and preferences I can offer for you choice various methods of training - classic fitness program, yoga or Pilates, specific ballet exercises, stretching for any level, even some elements of martial arts.   
I address your particular needs in the convenience of your home (or building gym) with minimal equipment and space. 

Many years of experience have taught me how to train different people, including clients with serious health issues.
All I need is your wish to start changing your life for the better. 
Originally trained in ballet, I have a mix of skills that can help you to obtain health, beauty and self confidence.

I strive for respectful relationships with my clients providing them encouragement, motivation, useful information, knowledge and all necessary recommendations rather than fun and entertainment.