IT’S TRUE! Fitness CAN be just a phone call away! 

But first, some not-so-trivial fitness facts:
    1. How many calories/day do the following burn?
        a. 1 pound of muscle even during sleep (35-50 calories)
        b. 1 pound of fat (two calories)
    2. How many pounds of muscle do we lose every decade after age 20 if we don’t use it? (seven pounds)

Did the answers surprise you? Did you know that the above decline is TOTALLY REVERSIBLE? 
Are you someone who knows you need to make changes in your exercise and eating habits, but will “start tomorrow?” Too busy to be healthy? Traveling? Family and work obligations getting in the way?

 by Phone offers you affordable personal fitness coaching 24 hr / 7 days/ week. With professional guidance and progressive programming, you will be motivated to change some habits. 

Why is this method revolutionary? Because it works! Research by Virginia Polytechnic University found that the likelihood of participants sticking to their exercise programs was 2200% higher in phone-coached programs.
by Phone is a lifestyle system that will give you the tools to improve your functional health so you can move through life with ease .

With “wearable technology” (an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor), you’ll track your daily progress and find the most efficient way to burn calories and prevent muscle loss. No more wasting time on exercise that doesn’t serve your needs.
Your 30-minute phone coaching session each week holds you accountable for the work you do in between those sessions. It’s like having a trainer 24 hours/7days a week, at a fraction of the cost!

As your phone coach, I provide you with professional guidance and expertise to evaluate your current levels of fitness and nutrition, and help you make appropriate changes in both. We’ll set specific exercise goals and strategies each week of either the 12- or 24-week program.
This method allows you to travel or go on vacation and still continue to maintain your fitness program anywhere in the world!

by Phone is not magic. We start with aerobic exercise (tailored to what you can do) with it’s corresponding stretching routine; layer on a nutritional component once the exercise becomes easier; cap it off with strength training to increase muscle mass. In order to minimally achieve the weight loss you want and the health benefits you desire, you need to accumulate at least 30 minutes of physical activity six out of seven days per week. So this is YOUR responsibility to put forth a focused effort and build up quality “physical time” for you! 

Remember, a commitment is the ability to carry out a worthy decision, even when the emotion, or excitement of making that decision has passed. With motivation and accountability, YOU CAN DO IT! Think of it as a self-health-insurance plan -- incorporating fitness into your “busi-ness”! 

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