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Hello, I’m Leslie Kleinfeld, owner of , your wellness partner! No matter which service you choose, I incorporate a very personalized holistic approach to designing a program that “fits” to improve YOUR level of wellness and health. We work as a team to get you moving with more grace and ease. 

Remember, being is our greatest wealth!

None at this time due to efforts to stop the spread of the Corona Virus 19.  That said, I encourage getting yourself and family outside in Alaska where we have a lot of open space to breathe fresh air and can maintain 6-10' distance from one another.

I've gone VIRTUAL!  I am using an online application to work with my clients and teach functional yoga. 

A revolutionary approach to personal fitness coaching that's affordable!  You can live or travel anywhere in the world and maintain your program 24 hours/7 days a week!

Do you experience discomfort in your neck, shoulders, wrists or back while working? I can teach you how to change your body alignment and position your workstation for more comfort and ease. Check out my "IPLOD" - a walking workstation.

This individualized program is tailored to meet your unique daily living, weight loss, postural or rehabilitation needs.

FUNCTIONAL YOGA: New TIME & online!  10:00 -11:30 am  

I've gone VIRTUAL during the Corona Virus outbreak!  I am using an online application to teach the classes that allows for 2 way interaction.

I emphasize a functional approach to my classes by applying the ancient practice of  Hatha Yoga to modern daily living, mindful moving, healthy eating, distress reduction, relaxation and osteoporosis prevention.