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Bison 160

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The Bison 160 is perfect for quick baiting and short sessions. and come in a great camouflage. weighs only 13 kilos and Fits in your car!

The Bison 160 is designed for quick and ease of use . Whether for precise marking of spots or baiting, .It comes complete with transom for outboard and is incredibly stable .

Hull is made of excellent, durable synthetic fabric, 1100 Denier with 0.9 mm thickness

Suitable for fresh and salt water

Two internal valves

Sturdy wooden slatted floor

Boat base in black

Anchor roller

A wooden bench in marine quality

Two massive oarlocks for easy rowing

Two aluminum oars,

Full Transom for mounting outboard motor to max 2.5hp or 23 kilos in weight


A carrying case

Repair Kit


Overall length 160 cm

Overall width 118 cm

Tube diameter 30 cm

Allowable payload 270 kg