fishing charters in Kauai
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Commonly Asked Questions

What trips do you offer and what are the rates?
Check out all of our current Kauai Fishing Charters and rates Click Here

What kind of charter boat do you use?
41 Ft Sport Fisher Noosa cat - we named the "Mele Kai"
For more details on our Charter Boat Click Here

Where do your charters meet?
Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor - Slip 200, Lihue, Hawaii 96766 (Directions)
Must arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time.

How much of our time is actually spent fishing?
It does not take long to get to the fishing grounds on Kauai. Just 15 minutes out, and your working the ledge for Wahoos.
Once we're over 1 mile out, the water is 1,000's of feet deep. 

What types of fish can we catch & is there seasonality? 
There is no down time when fishing in Kauai and we have a great availability of fish year round.  Below are the peek times for difference species:
Year Round Blue Marlin can be around.
February through April, there are good Mahimahi runs.
April & May, the Wahoo are abundant on the ledge.
June through September, are the big Yellowfin Tuna months (one hundred to two hundred pounders!)
In the Winter, we have Striped Marlin & Spearfish. Big Eye Tuna and Skipjacks are also around with smaller Yellowfin.
You just never know what your going to catch until you get out there and try your luck.

What other wildlife may we see?
During your trip, you will be able to observe some of our amazing natural habitat. Don't be surprised if you see whales or dolphins swimming around. You may also see endangered sea birds like the Blue Footed Booby. Take some time and see what our beautiful waters of Kauai have to offer.
In the winter and spring seasons, while fishing you can watch the spectacular whale activity. The humpback whales come every year from Alaska to breed and give birth. The males are competing for the females. There is nothing like seeing an eighty thousand pound, forty foot long mammal completely airborne jumping out of the water. If your lucky, you can see the parents teaching there babies how to swim and jump out of the water. We also have many types of dolphins, Sea birds like the Albatros and frigate bird, Monk seals and sea turtles. You never know what you might see while hunting for that fish pile, then the action begins! 

What is you cancellation policy?
We must request that you please give us at least 48 hours prior notice of any cancellations. Otherwise you may be charged for your trip. Thank you very much.

What do you provide? 
  • Boat, Crew, & Fishing Gear
  • Onsite Parking
  • Fishing Extras - Taxes, Baits, & Slip Fees
  • Drinks - Soda, Juices, & Water
What should I bring? 
  • Food or Snacks
  • Drinks or Beer (if 21+), in cans or plastic bottles only, Please
  • Camera, Sunscreen & Sunglasses
  • Rain Gear & Towels
  • Sea Sickness Medication If Required
What about weather?
Please call (808) 634-6204 the night before your charter to confirm weather conditions.