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Check out the Synopsis's for my two new erotic novels.
Prohibited II: Illicit Affairs
Diary of a Wanted Woman

Hannah Jones was a wanted woman, not that she thought she deserved all the attention.  Men flocked to her and it was easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want a woman that was obsessed with sex and willing to do anything in bed?  Diary of a Wanted Woman delves into the life of a woman willing to walk away from love for the thrill of sex and a man not willing to let her throw it all away. It all comes down to one question: Can a person really change?

Diary of a Wanted Woman can be purchase on in eBook format.
Insomnia: what happens when you can't sleep?
Sometimes you just can’t sleep. When Insomnia kicks in would you be able to stop yourself from doing some crazy things? Written and compiled by the new and upcoming erotic author Donnée Patrese, these steamy stories will excite and tantalize you. They reach into the sexually charged lives of men and women of all races, ages and sexual orientations that leave you begging for more.
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Prohibited: an erotic novel
Maxine Marshall wasn’t looking for love. Love was a crazy and complex emotion that she wanted no part of. After a stint with an abusive boyfriend that left her vulnerable and low, all she wanted was--sex. Lots of SEX!
Prohibited: an erotic novel can be purchased on in ebook and paperback.
Erotic Encounters: Tales of the Paranormal and Preternatural
Who doesn't love a good vampire story or a freaky scary story about werewolves and ghost? I know I do and I set out to write a few for your enjoyment.
Erotic Encounters: Tales of the Paranormal and Preternatural is a collection of short stories compiled to make you afraid and turned on at the same time.
Erotic Encounters can be purchased on