Online Prescriptions

Order your Repeat Prescription Here

To do this you will need your unique login details, which you can get upon request at the reception desk. Please be aware that this facility is not available to under 16-year-olds. For security reasons, we can only provide you with your own login details.

Repeat Prescriptions

You can order your repeat medication by:

  • ticking the boxes on the right (white) side of the script, and handing that in at reception.

  • if you have lost this page- you can fill out a form at the reception desk.

  • give consent to a pharmacy to order your medication on your behalf


Prescriptions can be collected after 48 hours either by yourself or a local pharmacy. 

If you provide a STAMPED, SELF ADDRESS ENVELOPE with your order, we can post your prescription to your home.
Acute Prescriptions

This is when the Dr gives you a prescription for one month only.

Unfortunately, these cannot be ordered, and you will have to speak to a clinician before you can get some more.

Medication review

It is practice policy that patients are regularly reviewed when taking medication on a long-term basis.

Your review date can be found at the bottom of the right-hand side of your prescription.

Please make an appointment when your review is due.

If you request medication after your review date, we will be unable to prescribe you more medications until you have been reviewed by one of our clinicians.