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Announcement: FIRM Systems awarded IDPH fingerprint contract under the Illinois Healthcare Worker Background Check Act!

Affected Employers 
The Act applies to all health care employers, which includes hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, hospices, nursing agencies, life care and community living facilities and day training programs certified by the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.  It applies without regard to the number of persons employed. 

Covered Employees and Applicants
A covered employer must conduct a criminal background check for all individuals employed or retained who are involved in direct patient care, which is defined as nursing or personal care covering “assistance with meals, dressing, movement, bathing, or other personal needs or maintenance, or general supervision and oversight of the physical and mental well-being of an individual who is incapable of maintaining a private, independent residence or who is incapable of managing his or her person regardless of whether a guardian has been appointed.”  This broad definition covers a wide range of positions, including home health care aides, nurse aides, physical therapy aides, personal care assistants, private duty nurse aides, student nurses, day training personnel, or any similar health-related occupation.  
The Act does not apply to registered nurses, physicians, and therapists who are licensed by the Department of Professional Regulation or Department of Public Health. 

FIRM Systems Fingerprint Locations


 Common Fingerprint categories:  
  • Auto, Boat, RV Dealerships, Body Shops, Scrap Processors,
  • Banks and Trusts
  • Euthanasia
  • Explosives
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Hospital Employees
  • Loan Originators
  • Massage Therapists
  • Non-emergency Healthcare Transportation Companies
  • Nurse Licensure
  • Nursing Home Employees & Residents
  • Private and Parochial Schools (Adam Walsh)
  • Pyrotechnic
  • Security: Private Detectives, Locksmiths, Security Guards, Alarm Contractors
  • Public and Private School Bus Drivers
  • Public School District Employees (Any employee with daily contact with school children)
  • UCIA (General Employement - non-regulated)
The results from your fingerprint check will be returned directly to the department that regulates your employment group.
The only results our company will receive are from UCIA fingerprint checks for general employment in non-regulated occupations.

From the Illinois Department of Public Health

The implementation of fingerprint background checks has successfully begun. Since contracting with the livescan vendors, there have been 847 successfully processed background checks under the new fingerprint process. During this time, only a few facilities have been using the new process. The facilities governed by the Health Care Worker Background Check Act in the following counties either should be using the new fingerprint process or registered for access to the Web application and waiting on access to be granted: Jo Daviess, Stephenson, Winnebago, Boone, McHenry, Lake, Carroll, Ogle, Whiteside and Lee. 

Obviously, facilities that have not been granted access to the Web application cannot initiate a fingerprint background check. It does take the Department a while to get the requests for access processed. If a facility in these ten counties requested access by registering at, that facility is in compliance with the law. If users in a facility in these ten counties have previously been granted access but not the level that allows the facility to initiate the fingerprint background check, please be advised that the Department is in the process of adjusting their level of access. Again, it will take a while for the Department to get this adjustment made. After a facility has the level of access to initiate a fingerprint background check, that facility shall start using the new fingerprint background check within two weeks or by January 2, 2010, whichever is later. All facilities in those ten counties that currently have the capability of initiating a fingerprint background check should be using the new process by December 1, 2009. Remember that the Department can only send out email notifications to those who have registered and been granted access.

The Department is also starting to adjust the access level of those facilities that have access to the Web application in Cook, DuPage, Kane and Will Counties. Any new user granted access to the Web application from a facility in those counties will be given the level to initiate fingerprint background checks and a due date by which they are to begin using that process. The Department will be working with users in these four counties throughout the rest of the implementation period, as there are so many facilities in these counties. 

All facilities should remember that they are required by law to register for access to the Web Application. Between now and February of 2010, facilities in DeKalb, LaSalle, Kendall and Grundy should make a special effort to get registered. It is the Department’s hope to implement those counties March 1, 2010.   Adjustments to this schedule will be made if necessary
If you have a worker (Worker A) from a non-implemented facility (Facility A) coming into your implemented facility (Facility B) that is required to have a fingerprint background check in Facility B, Facility A will not be able to provide proof of a fingerprint background check on Worker A until Facility A is implemented. If Worker A has routinely been coming into Facility B to provide service, Worker A would not need a fingerprint background check. If Worker A is coming into Facility B for the first time then in reality Worker A should have proof of a fingerprint background check even though Worker A has been with Facility A for a while, because it is the first time they are providing service in Facility B. If Facility A can provide information to Facility B that Worker A is on the Health Care Worker Registry (Registry) without an administrative finding or disqualifying convictions this will suffice until Facility A is implemented. A Registry Verification Form provided from the Registry ( 217-785-5133 ), a screen print from the public web site ( or a screen print from the profile page of the Web application with Worker A’s personal information blacked out (Social Security Number and address) may be used as this proof. After Facility A is implemented, only the Registry Verification Form or the profile page should be used, as both will provide information that the worker has had a fee applicant (FEE_APP) background check. Sometime in the future our public Web site should also have that information. 

CNA Training Programs, no matter where they are located, are encouraged to register for access to the Web application. They will be given the level to initiate fingerprint background checks when access is granted. The Department is willing to work with all the training programs to make their start date coordinate with the first semester that the program is reasonably able to implement the new process.  

For questions pertaining to the IDPH fingerprint process, registration, or changes in the law please do not hesitate to contact Jonna Veach. E-mails are the preferred method of contact and usually result in the fastest response.

Announcement provided by Jonna Veach, AIAF, Division Chief of Admin. Rules and Procedures, Office of Health Care Regulation, 525 West Jefferson, 5th Floor, Springfield, IL  62761 Phone:  (217) 785-9165     Fax: (217) 524-6292 Email: