FIRM Racing News: April 2012

FIRM Racing News: April 2012


A Message from Wendy and Bill: Hello Race Season

For 2012 we have added some special touches to our race series to make you love us even more. In addition to our usual great offerings, we have added a raffle for TWO Quintana Roo triathlon bikes, a podium for the awards ceremonies, Sweatvac shirts, waterbottles in goody bags for all pre-registered athletes,  measured swim courses, and more vendors at each event! Plus check out the new destination race weekend at Stratton Mountain in Vermont (Can you say 'Mud Run'?), and the HUGE prize purse for FirmMan Rhode Island--$10,000 in cash and prizes. So join us in giving a great big shout out, 'Hello Race Season!'

$10,000 Cash and Prizes at FirmMan Rhode Island

We are celebrating the 20th running of FirmMan Rhode Island, with a $10,000 prize purse ($10,000 cash and prizes) for this premier half iron distance event. Set in the resort town of Narragansett, FirmMan Rhode Island offers scenic courses, enthusiastic volunteers, live music, a fabulous Saturday night pasta dinner, a hearty post race bbq, long sleeved tech shirts, and a guest speaker who will wow the compression socks off of you. 

CLICK HERE for more information


Write a Race Report and Win a Free Sprint Triathlon

We love hearing your stories about our races so much that we have started a new contest. Send us your race report on a F.I.R.M. event for our newsletter, and if your article is selected, you win a free sprint triathlon. Pictures are always nice too. Submit articles to  

Meet Steve the Bike Guy


Steve the Bike Guy provided neutral race support last year for many FIRM events.  You likely saw him fixing brakes, adjusting derailleurs, and pumping tires before each race; and then circling the course during the bike leg of the race looking for riders in trouble.  In 2012 Steve will once again be at many of your favorite FIRM triathlons.    

Steve the Bike Guy provides mobile bike service in eastern Massachusetts.  Steve is a licensed USA Cycling mechanic performing tune-ups, repairs, parts installation, boxed and custom bike builds, and more at the convenience of your home or office. 

Each year your bike is subjected to training, racing, sweat, sticky energy drinks, and traveling around New England which takes a toll on your equipment.  A tune-up refreshes your bike making everything smooth, quiet, and efficient again with a noticeable improvement. 

Spring special for FIRM triathletes:  Ultrasonic cassette cleaning included with Ride Refreshed Tune-up through March and April.  

More information and contacts for appointments can be found on the website at, or by calling 508-251-9737

Check It Out: All New SheROX Devens

SheROX spent the past two years trying to find the perfect location for their New England event. And they have found it at Mirror Lake in Devens, Ma. A beautiful race venue, fun race routes, and onsite hotels make this the perfect location for this premier all women's sprint triathlon. This year's race is scheduled for Sunday, August 19. She swims. She bikes. She runs. SheROX!

CLICK HERE for more information


Calling All Certified Lifeguards

Volunteer as a lifeguard at a F.I.R.M. event and receive a free sprint as our thank you. Fax your life guard certification to 508-434-0121 and indicate at which race you would like to lifeguard.


Win a Quintana Roo Triathlon Bike


Two lucky participants in the 2012 FIRM Race Series will win a new Quintana Roo triathlon bike. That’s right, two winners! Quintana Roo, the official bicycle sponsor for the 2012 FIRM Race series, has donated a new QR Seduza triathlon bike (MSRP $2,299) for one lucky gentleman to win, and a new QR Dulce triathlon bike (MSRP $2,299) for one lucky woman to win.

Earn entries each time you complete a F.I.R.M. event, and earn extra entries by placing in your category. Drawing will be held at F.I.R.M.'s Halloween Duathlon on October 28. So race often and you just may find yourself racing on a new QR triathlon bike!

What Are You Eating?

By Dan O'Rourke and Mike Mihalow

NRG Bar Naturally Really Good Energy Bars Eat Healthy Live HealthyLadies! WHAT ARE YOU EATING? Do you freak out about calories? Have you ever said, “How do I get rid of this last 5 pounds of fat in my midsection?" In the past two weeks I’ve had several women ask me that exact question. My first response is always that same. I ask them, “What are you eating?" Major brand cereals like Special K is a regular answer as are other items found in pretty packages at your conventional grocery store. The answers vary, but in one way they are all the same. 

While you might know the brand of food labeled on the box, some of you have NEVER looked at the ingredients list. And why would you? Even I can't pronounce some of the ingredients listed and the list is a mile long! Some people have NO IDEA what they're putting in their bodies and the effect it has on weight gain and overall health. But, when faced with the truth there's always an argument at the end of the tunnel. The defenses of an uneducated diet are always the same and they're founded on inaccurate information. 

MYTH: "Shopping at Whole Foods or buying 'natural' brands is too expensive." 

FACT: Not necessarily. Do some homework, research brands, ingredients and what their prices are and how big the box is. The stores now have these great little tags that break down a items cost by ounce, pound, gallon, etc. Special K, last time I looked was almost $5 a box. You can go to any grocery store and find a healthier alternative. Buy foods that don't simply fill you up, buy foods that your body needs. One of my favorites is a can of black beans mixed with some diced tomatoes, it's cheaper and healthier than any trip to a fast food drive through. 

Your body doesn't "need" food with artificial flavoring, sweeteners or preservatives. There are a ton of products out there that are good for you, have teensy tiny ingredients lists and are made from healthy foods. For instance, look at peanut butters in the store. Some have 5 ingredients while others have more than I can count and the two will be similarly priced. Which one would you rather eat? 

Getting back to the “mommy middle”. Do you know about the acid/alkaline relationship? Most people do not. Just like your internal body temp (98.6), your body also needs to be PH balanced (7.36), as well. We live in an acid overdosed society. Consuming too many acidic foods can lead to health problems and can also lead to a weight loss plateau. How do you balance your PH? It's simple! Eat more greens! I’m not a vegetarian and don’t care to get into that debate but I drink a green drink every morning. It tastes great, it makes me feel good, and by consuming something within the first hour of waking up I'm revving up the engine that is my metabolism! Try products like Amazing grass, Green Superfood, or make a smoothie yourself in your blender (try a mix of Kale, OJ, a banana, yogurt and add in some ground flax seed just to be SUPER HEALTHY!). 

The ladies told me it's easier for men to lose weight. I can stop drinking alcohol and eating desserts and drop 5 pounds in just a week or two. So, maybe there's some truth to that… or maybe I just really like eating desserts and drinking beer! 

At the end of the day we all need some balance in our lives. If I put too much time into one area another will suffer. So, go out there and train and eat real foods. You can even eat packaged foods (just check that ingredient list!) like NRG BARs, only 11 ingredients (shameless plug, thanks). It really makes a difference when you know what you're eating. If you're serious about training you should be serious about nutrition, because they go hand in hand. 

Remember, read your ingredients, know what you're putting in your mouth, and eating healthy does not mean spending more money… last time I checked a bag of Cheese Doodles were more expensive than a banana.

Dan O'Rourke is the founder of NRG Bar, a company that offers delicious, all natural, energy bars that provide healthy, nutrition packed fuel. 

CLICK HERE for more information on NRG Bar. 

Race Highlight: Stratton Mountain Triathlon Festival

Check out New England's newest triathlon festival, the Stratton Mountain Triathlon Festival, August 4-5 in Stratton Mountain, Vt. The festival begins with the Muddy Mayhem, a 5K mud run with 8+ obstacles. Then (after a bubble bath, hopefully), there's the Race to the Summit, a grueling two mile run from the ski lodge, through the meadows, and up Mike's Way to the summit. See if you can be crowned King or Queen of the mountain. Saturday continues with a whole bunch of partying, but get a good night's sleep because on Sunday it's the Stratton Mountain Triathlon, a sprint triathlon in a quintessential New England town. Do one, two, or all three events. Bring the family or just a few friends. But don't miss out on New England's newest triathlon festival. Great rates on places to stay. 

CLICK HERE for Muddy Mayhem 5K
CLICK HERE for Race to the Summit
CLICK HERE for the Stratton Mountain Triathlon

Vmps: Everything You Need to Love Triathlon Even More

- USA Triathlon and USA Cycling Certified Coaching
- Open Water Swim Clinics and Training Race Series
- Time Trial Training Race Series
- Six Week Power Swimming Classes
- Twelve Week Swim Prescription Program
- Bike Fittings and Performance Testing
- Triathlon Boot Camp for Women
- Vmps Triathlon Team
- Retail Center with triathlon bikes, wetsuits, wetsuit rentals, tri gear, sports nutrition products, and more...

Triathlon Center is located at 45 River Street, Millbury, Ma 01527. 

Big SALE at the triathlon center on Saturday April 21 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM--Gear up for the season and save big $$$$

For more information or to register for a Vmps clinic or training race:

Visit  or call 508.612.3000 or email

Welcome New Sponsors for the F.I.R.M. Race Series

We are pleased to welcome 5-Hour Energy, Gilmore Building Co., and Stonyfield Organic as sponsors for our 2012 race series. Remember to support our sponsors. They make the race series possible!

5-Hour Energy offers a quick, simple way for people to try to find the energy they need for today's lifestyles. The key ingredients are available in every day foods--like broccoli, avocados, bananas, and apples. It contains zero sugar, four calories, and as much caffeine as  a cup of the leading premium coffee. 

Gilmore Building Co is a design build company located in Grafton, Ma owned by triathlete, Eric Gilmore. This full service company combines old New England architecture with innovative building technology. Their signature product is the new-old home. They can build you a new home that has features that meet the needs of a modern lifestyle with the graceful style of an earlier time. Also through their home remodeling services, they can help you update your current home. 

Runners ID, Cycling ID, Medical ID TagsIf you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete or just a person who doesn't sit on the couch all day, Road ID is for you. This awesome piece of gear not only looks good but it could save your life. In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will. Available in 6 different styles. It's not just a piece of gear - it's peace of mind.

Stonyfield FarmStonyfield Organic sells delicious organic yogurts, smoothies, soy yogurts, ice cream and milk in supermarkets and natural food stores across the country. Their mission is to be committed to healthy food, healthy people, a healthy planet, and a healthy business. 


Love the Race Atmosphere? F.I.R.M. is Hiring

We are seeking a few hardworking souls for the race season. Must be energetic, super friendly, and willing to get up early on Sunday mornings. Email for more information. 

Swim Angels Needed

F.I.R.M. is looking for volunteers to serve as swim angels at our sprint triathlons. Swim angels swim beside a participant who is especially nervous about the open water swim segment of the race. The angel provides guidance and motivation to the participant as needed. For more information or to volunteer for a specific event, email

Frequent Racers: Earn a Free Race

Register for any five (5) F.I.R.M. multisport events in 2012 and get a sixth race for free. Email the confirmations for your five races by May 31, 2012 to, and your next sprint triathlon in 2012 is free. ($70 value). 

Upcoming Races

April 15, 2012--Wrentham Duathlon

Join us for the season opener, the Wrentham Duathlon. Celebrating its 15th year, the Wrentham Duathlon is a 'must do' (couldn't resist that one) year after year on many athletes' calendars.  

April 22, 2012--Rockbuster Offroad Duathlon

Come race in an outdoor playground for grown ups. Two shorts runs sandwiched by a really fun mountain bike ride. 

April 28, 2012--Wild Bill's 5K  New

Run or walk through the back roads of Warwick, RI to help us stomp out ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), 100% of the entry fees goes to fighting this disease. 

April 29, 2012--Sheriff's Sprint Pool Triathlon

Don't miss out on the first triathlon of the season. Test your early season in a fun and competitive environment. 

Registration for all your favorite FIRM races is open. 

Sponsors for the 2012 F.I.R.M. Race Series