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Free Open Source Safety and Security Analysis Tool


After nearly 10 years, I am finally finishing my book titled Engineering Safety and Security Requirements. This book will be published by Auerbach Publications, hopefully in the Fall of 2012 if I can complete the book manuscript in accordance with my latest plans. This book is based on my two day training course on the same topic, which I have been presenting at international conference and at developer sites since 2005. You can download presentations of various lengths from my Publications and Presentation Web page.

Example System

This book uses a single example system throughout, that of an automated people mover consisting of family sized vehicles that operate on a relatively complex guideway containing numerous branching and merge points. You can download a brief PDF presentation describing this system from Zoo Automated Taxi System (ZATS) Overview.

Free Open Source Tool

Engineering Safety and Security Requirements Tool (ESSRT) is my free, open sources tool for engineering safety- and security-related requirements. ESSRT stores the result of a complete analysis of the above ZATS system. The tool has been developed using the 2010 version of MS Access. Download a zipped version of the current Beta version of this tool by clicking on the following link.

This tool is provided "as is" with an open source license. Anyone can use this version for training or to document the safety and security analysis of their own system (by first deleting the example data). Once the tool is finalized (scheduled for March 2012) I will also upload a blank empty version for more easy use on real projects.