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Places I've Lived

I've lived in a lot of places over the years. I liked the Pacific Northwest, Bolder Colorado, Bern Switzerland, and Munich Germany best. I think living in so many places, especially overseas, has given me somewhat of a global perspective on things.

1)  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

[Missing Photo]

I may have been born in Oklahoma City but I was conceived at the University of Oregon Medical School in Portland, Oregon - one of the earliest artificial insemination babies.

2)  Portland, Oregon

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We lived in a small apartment when we moved to Portland when I was one year old.

3)  8749 North Delaware Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97217

This is the earliest place of which I have any memories, and I still dream about it now and then. My mom and I lived in this house though grade school. She worked at the Armour Meat Packing Plant down the hill. I remember that I walked by myself 8 long blocks to Peninsula Grade School every day since kindergarten; I guess it was a simpler and safer time.

4)  4337 NE Simpson Court, Portland, Oregon 97218

We moved into this house when my mother married Niles Bernard. We had a huge black walnut tree in the middle of our patio, and the walnuts would stain the patio black each year.

5)  15682 NE 57th Avenue, Vancouver, Washington 98686

I lived in this house we built during my sophomore through junior year in high school. This view if from the back and my bedroom was on the left corner. We had 13 acres and typically raised 4-5 cattle. I went to Battleground High School, a rather long bus ride. During the summer, we would bale hay and help the neighbors bring in their hay. I also worked at a local raspberry farm, weeding, trimming, and tying up the plants.  I would walk up Salmon Creek hunting crawdads and shoot my bow and arrows in the woods just south of our property.

We tore down a shack we lived in for a few months while we built this house. Since then, my house has been torn down and replaced. Kind of sad.

6)  42400 NE Yale Bridge Road, Chelatchie Prairie (Yacolt), Washington 98675

I lived in one small room in this boarding house my senior year in high school. You can see part of my front door and my window on the ground floor just to the right of the large tree truck. The place is just to the south of Mt. Saint Helens, and we used to go swimming in the nearby lakes and spelunking in the Ape Cave.

It was definitely liberating having my own place when I was just 17. It was fun living on my own with my own place and my own car. It was also a lot of responsibility, because if I didn't go to school, do my homework, and my work after school and on the weekends, then I wouldn't be able to graduate, go to college, keep my car, etc.

I paid for rent, food, and my car (gas and insurance) by working for the owner running one of his rock crushing machines and mowing lawns at his trailer park.

7) 11575 SW Greenburg  Road APT 24, Tigard, Oregon, 97223

7140 SW Oleson Road Apt. 1, Tigard, Oregon 972233

[Missing Photo]

I lived in an apartment the summer before college. I worked at the horse track as a photo runner and at the dog track as a groom.

8)  Potter Hall, 314 SW Linfield Avenue, Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon 97128

I stayed in this dorm my freshman and sophomore years. My room was on the second floor roughly in the middle of the far side overlooking the campus. My first year, I roomed with a football player from Hawaii. We had nothing in common and he spent most of his time partying and drinking. Luckily, he joined a fraternity so that my second year, I got a new roommate. I roomed with Ed Edinger, who was my best friend and who married Margo Flenner, another of my best friends. I hate it that I had to move away from Portland for jobs. Some of my favorite memories are of Linfield and spending time with my friends. I still miss them and think of them often.

9)  Massmann Student Apartment Building, 77 Heß Strasse, Munich, Germany 80797

I stayed in this co-ed student apartment building my junior year abroad while I studied mathematics at Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich. I had my own tiny room just big enough for a bed, desk, and closet. We all shared a common kitchen, TV room, recreation room, and bathroom/showers, which was a bit of a shock for a young untraveled American. 

This is where I lived when I got a terrible Salmonella infection (which I picked up in Russia). I felt like I had cholera or typhus, and practically unable to leave my bed the day before the ambulance came for me. I was quarantined for a full month in a hospital room with an air lock with my friends talking to me through a large glass window.

10)  301 South East College Avenue, McMinnville, Oregon 97128

Patty Brown (who would be my first wife) and I lived in an absolutely tiny, bare bones 3 room house just off the Linfield College campus. Our house was identical to, and just behind, the one in this picture. Alas, the house is no more. Linfield bought the land where the other houses were and turned it into a parking lot.

We shared our home with our cat and were sometimes visited by 9 inch long banana slugs that would crawl under the door to eat out of the cat food bowl. I wondered why our bed was built on stilts until the night when I was woken by the noise of a rat running around the bathroom floor. I threw a shoe at the door, the rat froze for a second, and then plop, back down he went through the toilet. Amazing what one can put up with when you’re poor and desperately want to live together off campus. 

One interesting experience we had was due to the fact that Patty sometimes had night terrors during which she never quite woke up. We had a window right next to our elevated bed, and one night she startled me awake when she screamed and then accidentally kicked out the window. Our neighbor’s window was just three feet away, and I kept expecting to have the police show up any minute, but they never did. When she woke the next morning, the bedroom was freezing and she wanted to know what happened to the window.

11)  Mariposa Hall at Arizona State University, 601 E. Apache Boulevard (southeast corner of McAlister Avenue), Tempe, Arizona 85281

Mariposa Hall became a graduate dorm in 1969 when ASU converted the old Sands of Tempe Motor Hotel. I lived on the second floor in the middle of the west side of the building (the wing on the right side of the postcard). I especially liked the large pool; it was so warm in Arizona that you could essentially swim all year long. The dorm was torn down in 2006 to build the Vista Del Sol complex of dormitories for upper class men. I remember that there used to be a tiny, extremely authentic Mexican restaurant about a block to the east where we would sometimes go to get chips and other snacks when studying late at night.

12) 1025 East Orange Street, Apt 18-A, Tempe, Arizona 85281

[Missing Photo]

During my last year in grad school (1978), Patty and I lived in a nice one-bedroom apartment in the La Crescenta Park Apartments. I have few memories of the place other than we had problems with cockroaches in the kitchen. When we turned on the kitchen lights in the middle of the night, they would fly down from the ceiling and buzz us.

13)  Portland, Oregon

[Missing Photo]

I lived in an apartment (forget where). This is the time that my first wife Patty and I amicably divorced. Later, I married my second wife, Jennifer Withers, Cody's mother, while living here..

14)  Just south of Taholah, Washington (The Quinault Indian Nation)

[Missing Photo]

I stayed in a house on the beach while working for the Quinault Indian Nation.

15)  Frankfurt, Germany

[Missing Photo]

I lived in an apartment while working a few months for CSC Deutschland on a Bundesbahn (train) project.

16)  Talbodenstrasse 9, CH 3098 Schliern bei Köniz, Switzerland

Jennifer and I lived in a nice second floor apartment in a little village called Schliern bei Köniz just outside of Bern. The apartment is hidden just behind the red crane. I used to take the bus and then the trolley to work each day as we didn't have (or even need) a car. Kodiak was born while we lived here. Later, I would commute to Geneva via train.

17)  3208 Hessney Drive, Falls Church, Virginia 22042

Missing Photo

Jenny, Cody, and I lived in a rented house for a year while I worked for CSC. There was a terrible ice storm that Christmas Eve and I had to abandon my car over a mile away from home. By the time I arrived, I was covered in ice.

18)  3904 Tarrington Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46815

[Missing Photo]

This is my first house in Fort Wayne. That's my son, Kodiak, standing in front. Jennie and I moved here which I went to work at Magnavox Electronic Systems Company. This is where we lived until our divorce. It is also the house I lived in when I met my third and final wife, Becky.

19)  3418 Broadway, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807

Becky, a single mother with three children, lived in this house when we first met. I moved in with her when my soon-to-be ex-wife kept our house.

20)  17124 Lutz Road, Ossian, Indiana 46777-9406

This was the first house that Becky and I bought. It was near the tiny "town" of Poe south of Fort Wayne, and we were out in the country in several acres of trees. Great house, nice pool, but way too many mosquitoes.

21)  4018 South Harrison, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807

We rented the house on the right. It was a nice neighborhood, but the landlord was a pain to deal with.

22)  2910 Webster Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807

We rented this house briefly before moving to Cary.

23)  1303 Hampton Valley Road, Cary, North Carolina 27511-4503

We rented this house while I worked for Knowledge Systems Company (KSC). We had a huge back yard with dozens of trees, and we had a deck that ran across the entire back of the house were we would cook out and enjoy our own little bit of nature.

We lived in this house during the hurricane Fran in 1996. The eye went right over us. All night long we listened to the crash of trees and branches falling down. We were lucky in that none of our trees were lost. However, there were downed trees all over. Our street was blocked, and we had no electricity for a week. We had to walk a couple of blocks to a church parking lot where people served hot meals for people in the neighborhood.

24)  6969 90th Avenue, Broomfield, Colorado 80021

We lived in this apartment from July through September 1997 while I worked at Storage Technology Corp.

25)  4850 Curie Court, Boulder, Colorado 80301

[Missing Photo]

We rented this house from September 1997 through May 1999 while I worked at StorageTek.

26)  Apt. 1209, 4718 Cole Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75205

[Missing Photo]

This was our first apartment near work at Lante Corp.

27)  300 Legacy Drive, Plano, Texas 75023

[Missing Photo]

This was our second apartment while working at Lante.

28)  3341 Langston Drive, Plano, Texas 75025

We bought this house, which was possibly our nicest. We had a trampoline in the back yard and used to play basket ball on a tiny half court on the side of the house.

29)  5711 Heather View Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46818

[Missing Photo]

We stayed a few months at our son Adam's place before moving to Pittsburgh and the Software Engineering Institute.

30)  The Docks, Apt. TBD, 501 Riverfront Drive, Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania 15238

We stayed in this furnished condo on the Allegheny River for a few months until we could find a more permanent place to live.

31)  3084 McMillan Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205

We rented an old farm house in 30 acres of woods. We had a barn, our own water supply, and I put in a fairly large garden. We loved the privacy and all of the wildlife including herd of deer, a flock of turkeys, a scourge of groundhogs, and a fox. The huge back yard was great for giant bonfires, fireworks, and stargazing.

32)  20 Bradford Avenue, Crafton, Pennsylvania 15205

Our current house was built in 1900. It is three stories with a full basement and a two story brick garage in back. Isaac has the third floor to himself when he's home from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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