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I typically attend 2-3 conferences a year, and when I am not speaking, I am taking tutorials and listening to papers and panels. There are always good things to pick up. For example, at the most recent conference I attended, there were several tracks on human system integration and human centered design, and that's become my latest study topic.


I have a personal library of a couple hundred technical books, as well as dozens and dozens of various reports. I typically read about 4 books and a dozen reports a year.

MA in Mathematics - 1977

I earned my Masters in Mathematics at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. I also did one post-masters year towards my doctorate, but I had senioritis and needed to get out and start earning money to pay off my student loans. I spent a lot of time on point-set topology and number theory; not exactly useful in the real world, but I thought they were very interesting.

As with many others in those prehistoric days, I primarily learned about computers by programming spaghetti COBOL and submitting decks of punch cards to old IBM mainframes and waiting until I received the printout the following day to learn whether or not the program ran correctly (or at all) As a mathematics major specializing in statistics, I used computers strictly as a means to an end, and I have to admit that I didn't really understand their potential and get hooked on them until later in the business world after using them daily in my work. I have spoken widely at international conferences on object technology and software development and have been the program chair and on the program committee of several such conferences

BA in Mathematics and German - 1975

I earned a full Bachelors in both Mathematics and German at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. I also minored in Physics. This is a great small liberal arts college that I highly recommend. I spent some of the best years of my life as a student there.

Year Abroad - 1973/4

I studied Mathematics at Ludwig Maximilian Universität and German at the Wayne State University campus in Munich, Germany. I stayed in a small student apartment building as the only American. It was a truly great experience.

Battle Ground High School - 1970

I graduated from Battle Ground High School. I was a member of the German club and the Science Club.