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GISS Introductory Course

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The GISS Introductory Course is important basic training for a GISS Trainee.  It provides lectures, reference materials, workflows, and documentation for individuals who are proficient using GIS software and want to learn how to use GIS to support wildland fire responseThe GISS Introductory Course Units and Lessons also provide experienced/qualified GISS refresher training in wildland fire incident support. 

The GISS Introductory Course is a prerequisite for S-341, GIS Specialist for Incident Management classroom training.  If you cannot or do not intend to take S-341, the Intro Course materials are still an excellent resource for trainees and qualified GISS.

The GISS Introductory Course has six parts:
  • Incident Command System - Two FEMA classes that explain the Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
  • GIS Software Proficiency - A list of required and optional coursework in Esri's ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro to prepare students for the rest of the training material.
  • Unit 1 - GISS Position and GSTOP - Provide an overview of the GISS position and introduce the Geospatial Standard Operating Procedures on Incidents (GSTOP) the document that guides most GISS work.
  • Unit 2 - Using the Event Geodatabase and Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) tools - The Event geodatabase (GDB) is at the center of incident data storage. This unit will provide the information needed to effectively use this standard data storage format, discuss COTS tools to support incident data management, and present workflows to manage incident data.
  • Unit 3 - Incident Maps - Details the various map products for wildland fire incident support, provide examples of map products, and exercises in the creation of these map products.
  • Unit 4 - Digital Products, Backup, and Sharing - Describes tools and methods used to create and share digital products for wildland fire incident support.
Each Unit will have Lessons with Objectives, Instructional Materials, and Presentations. The Lessons can be reviewed at any time and used as reference during the S-341 Classroom Training or during incident response.

GISS Training Overview

Presentation:  GISS Training Overview

Keep these GISS Watchout Situations in mind as you begin working as a trainee.

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