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The GIS Specialist Training site contains online training and reference materials to assist GIS Specialists (GISS) with incident related duties. This site is intended to be a single stop for GISS introductory and advanced training using current technology, tools, and workflows. This site also includes information and work required for the S-341 GIS Specialist for Incident Management Classroom training. The site is being managed by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group's (NWCG) Geospatial Training Unit (GTU). Additional information about the GTU can be found at this LINK.

NOTE: Many qualified GISS have been asking if they should re-take S-341 to learn new tools and techniques like the Event geodatabase and ArcGIS Online. The answer is NO. The S-341 Classroom Training is designed for trainee GISS and should not be used as a refresher. Existing qualified GISS will not be allowed to take the S-341 Classroom Training. The GISS Introductory Class on this website as well as the ArcGIS Online and Collector Class should both be used as a refresher for GISS looking to improve their skills.

The nested navigation links to the left will expand to various classes and contain more information on individual Lessons. Not all classes are currently available, so some links may not work. More classes will be made available as they are developed.

Current Classes and Pages include:
  • GISS Introductory Class - for individuals wanting to learn more about using GIS to support wildfire response at their local unit or those who are interested in becoming Red Carded incident GISS. The class or individual lessons are available to anyone and are an excellent refresher for any fully qualified GISS who hasn't been in the field for some time. The GISS Introductory Class is required for those taking the S-341 classroom training
  • S-341 Classroom Training - a 3 day on-site training that simulates a wildland fire assignment. Completion earns the S-341 NWCG Certification.
  • ArcGIS Online and Collector - lessons on using these web and mobile tools on wildland fire incidents.
  • Tools - scripts, guides, and information to assist GISS.

Site content is being developed and will be deployed in stages - check back frequently.
S-341 Faculty for the 2017 West Virginia Class

2017 S-341 Class in Missoula Montanna
The Cadre