Band History

The Mighty Falcon Marching Band is a show style band performing songs of all types from all time periods.  The band has performed from The Phantom of the Opera to the Rolling Stones and treats every show as if it will be the most entertaining show that they can produce!

Current Directors:

Mr. Wiley-
Mr. Wiley is in his ninth year as director of the Mighty Falcon Marching Band. Mr. Wiley earned his Bachelors Degree from Kent State University in Music Education and his Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix in Educational Administration and Supervision where he completed his action research project on Parental Involvement and its impact on Student Achievement. Mr. Wiley also completed his second Master's Degree at Kent State University with a focus on the Instrumental Music Parent Group's impact on Music Programs. Before coming to Firelands High School Mr. Wiley taught in New Mexico for 5 years on the Navajo Indian Reservation at Tohatchi High School where his groups earned superior ratings at the District, State and National Levels for their performances. Upon returning to Ohio, Mr. Wiley accepted a position at Lorain Admiral King High School where he was able to establish a strong foundation in the instrumental music program.  In the process, he attained the first superior rating for Admiral King High School in its 49 year history, where he taught until the closing of the school. Mr. Wiley is excited to be a part of the Firelands Community and  looks forward to many successful years with the Firelands Band Program.


Mrs. Stumphauzer

Mrs. Stumphauzer is in her 21st year as Assistant Band Director at Firelands High School, having worked with Mr. Brawley, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Brunger before assisting Mr. Wiley.  In the past, she taught instrumental music in one public and two private schools in Lorain County and assisted with the Avon High School marching band.  She earned her Bachelor of Music Education degree from The Ohio State University, where she was also a member of The Ohio State University Marching Band.

Firelands High School Fight Song

O come on Firelands "fite" for Victory
O come on Falcons you're the team for me
Fight for victory, "fite" for Fame and glory
"Fite" for Falcons Red and White.
We're with you now and every game you play, boys
Whether it's home or far away
So come on Red and White
Show us your Firelands "fite"
O come on Firelands Falcons - "Fite"!

Firelands High School Fight Song


History of the Mighty Falcons

What we currently know:

Director 1954-1960 

Mr. Edward Smith
Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Dana School of music, Youngstown College, B.S.-Instrumental Music Education

1954-1955: Membership 42

May 6th, 1955 Parade of Bands 

1955-1956: Membership 42

1956-1957: Membership 50

1957-1958: Membership 42


1958-1959: Membership 47

1959-1960: Membership 38

Director 1960-1961

Mr. Robert Martin

1960-1961- Membership 32

Director 1961- 1965
Eugene Tipton
B.S. and M.A. Instrumental Music Ohio Sate University

1961-1962: Membership 42

1962-1963: Membership 70

1963-1964: Membership 70

1964-1965: Membership 71

Director 1965- 1967

Mr. Ralph J. Ward
Oberlin College, Bachelor of Music Education; Kent State University M.E. 

1965-1966: Membership 76

1966-1967: Membership 78

-Superior Rating at LGAE District-Excellent Rating @ LGAE State

Director 1967- 1968

Mr. Curtis Bravine
Oberlin College, Bachelor of Music Education

1967-1968: Membership 62

Director 1968-1971

Mr. Mike Elias
Morehead State College BA Instrumental Music

1968-1969: Membership 57

1969-1970: Membership 74- Mr. Elias

1970-1971: Membership 74- Mr. Elias

1971-1972: Membership 57- Mr. Smarsch

1972-1973: Membership

1973-1974: Membership

1974-1975: Membership ___- Mr. Lovell

1975-1976: Membership

1976-1977: Membership 53 -Mrs. Sigmund

1977-1978: Membership 57 - Mrs. Sigmund

1978-1979: Membership 

1979-1980: Membership 56- Ms. English

1980-1981: Membership 60- Ms. English

1981-1982: Membership __- Ms. English

1982-1983: Membership___-Ms. English

- Class C “Superior” Rating at LGAE District-”Excellent” Rating @ LGAE State

1983-1984: Membership

1984-1985: Membership

1985-1986: Membership

1986-1987: Membership

1987-1988: Membership

1988-1989: Membership___-Mr. Bradford

1989-1990: Membership___-Mr. Bradford

1990-1991: Membership___-Craig Blackiston

1991-1992: Membership 32 -Mr. Brawley

1992-1993: Membership 43 -Mr. Brawley

1993-1994: Membership 45 -Mr. Brawley

    -Class C “Excellent” Rating at LGAE District

1994-1995: Membership 50 -Mr. Brawley

    - Class C “Excellent Rating at LGAE District

1995-1996: Membership 55 -Mr. Brawley

- The Band took a trip to Chicago!

1996-1997: Membership 65 -Mr. Brawley

- Class  “Superior” Rating at LGAE District- “Excellent” Rating at LGAE State

1997-1998: Membership___-Mr. Brawley

1998-1999: Membership 70 -Mr. Brawley

-Class B “Excellent” Rating at LGAE District

1999-2000: Membership 80 -Mr. Brawley

-The Marching Band participated in contest for class B and received an “Excellent” Rating.  Later that year the Band took a trip to Disney World in Florida

2000-2001: Membership___-Mr. Thomas

2001-2002: Membership___-Mr. Thomas

2002-2003: Membership___-Mr. Thomas

2003-2004: Membership___-Mr. Thomas

2004-2005: Membership: 55-Director: Mr. Brunger.

The Band took a trip to New York City.

2005-2006: Membership 60 -Director: Mr. Brunger. 

2006-2007: Membership 65 -Director: Mr. Brunger.

The Concert Band went to OMEA District 4 Large group in Class C for the first time in a long time and received an “Excellent” rating. And later, the Band went to Disney World in Florida.

2007-2008: Membership 75 -Director: Mr. Brunger. 

-In Jan of 2008 the Band Boosters purchased new uniforms!

2008-2009: Membership 80 -Director: Mr. Brunger.

-The Symphonic Band went to OMEA District 4 Large Group Adjudicated Event again in Class C and received a “Superior” rating, granting them the right to perform at the State Adjudicated Event, which resulted in an “Excellent” rating!


2009-2010: Membership 85 -Director: Mr. Brunger

-In June the Band Boosters purchased new Raincoats.  The Symphonic Band received a “Superior” rating in Class B. (This feat had never been accomplished at Firelands before.) This spring the Band went to Williamsburg VA, and received first place in their category and best musical group for the weekend. 

2010-2011: Membership 88 -Director: Mr. Wiley

The Firelands Symphonic Band received a "Superior" Rating at the Ohio Music Educators Association District IV Adjudicated Event

Excellent Rating at OMEA State Adjudicated Event

Jazz Band Performed at The Capital Conference in Columbus, Ohio


2011-2012: Membership 92- Director Mr. Wiley

Performed at The Ohio State Fair Parade
Selected to Perform at the Disney Magic Music Days Parade
Superior Rating at District Adjudicated Event Class C
Excellent Rating at State Adjudicated Event

2012-2013: Membership 87- Director Mr. Wiley

Performed at The Ohio State Fair Parade
Superior Rating at District Adjudicated Event Class C
Excellent Rating at State Adjudicated Event

2013-2014: Membership 90- Director Mr. Wiley

Superior Rating at District Adjudicated Event Class C
Superior rating at State Adjudicated Event
Performed at Kings Island Music in the Parks Excellent Rating

2014-2015: Membership 96- Director Mr. Wiley

Superior Rating at District Adjudicated Event Class B
Excellent Rating at State Adjudicated Event

2015-2016: Membership 94- Director Mr. Wiley

Performing at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida in November of 2015