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Physical Challenges

To reduce the steep learning curve toward fully autonomous humanoid robots, the rules committee has developed seven challenges for physical agents: (a) sprint, (b) penalty kick, (c) obstacle run, (d) lift and carry, (e) weight lifting, (f) marathon, and (g) basketball and (h) wall climbing. These challenges are aimed at providing intermediate goals on the path to fully autonomous robots that can operate in difficult environments. 

The following subsections describe each individual agent challenge. These  challenges are conducted using the FIFA Laws of the Game as much as possible. Unless otherwise specified, the Laws of the Game apply. 

Detailed rules and latest updates on HuroCup.

Sprint: The sprint event (formerly named robot dash event) is a short distance race for humanoid robots. The goal is for the robots to move as quickly as possible from a start line to the end line for a series of segments.

Penalty Kick: In this event, the robot must approach and kick a ball positioned somewhere in the ball area. A robot from a different team will act as goal keeper during this event.

Obstacle Run: This event is similar to the sprint event (Subsection 3.1). The robot must move from one end of the playing field to the other as quickly as possible. However, in this case, a number of obstacles are distributed over the playing field. The robot must navigate over, under, or around the obstacles and reach the end zone.

Lift and Carry: The goal is to provide an event that requires robots to use active balancing. The robots will be fitted with a small basket. The robots repeatedly walk across an uneven terrain from one side to the other. Once the robot reaches the end of the uneven terrain, the referee adds small heavy obstacles into the basket. The robot must compensate for the extra weight and continue to cross the uneven terrain. to walk. The robot that can carry the most weight is declared the winner of the event.

Marathon: The marathon event is an endurance race over 42.195m. The robots follow a coloured track.

Weight Lifting: The goal of the weight lifting event is to develop robots that can lift and balance heavy weights.

Basketball: The basketball competition is another single robot event at the moment, but wil be expanded to multiple players in the future. The robot must throw a ball into a coloured target.

Soccer: The soccer competition is the first team event in the HuroCup competition. It is a game of soccer played by teams of 3 players.

Climbing Wall: The climbing wall challenge aims at fostering research into complex motion plannng, coordination, and execution to increase the range of usable motions for humanoid robots.