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Robot World Cup

FIRA Cup is open to public to attend

FIRA Cup Team Registration : Registration fee is USD 250 or Rs 9000 : Deadline 10 August 2010

Present industrial systems are much complex and multiple mobile robots are increasingly preferred. Multiple mobile robots are not spatially constrained and performance benefits are manifold. The robots/agents equipped with knowledge, motivations, reasoning and planning capabilities may communicate each other and, share data and information. Cooperation protocol by distributed control; effective communication and fault tolerance while having efficiency of cooperation, adaptation and robustness are some of the research directions associated with multi-robot/agent systems.

The robot soccer platform serves as a test bed to study and research on the issues pertaining to cooperative mobile robots. A robot team needs to coordinate its actions while competing with another. The robot soccer system also has an explicit performance measure, the match score. Cooperation, decision making, planning, modeling, learning, robot architecture, vision tracking algorithm, sensing, communication, and so forth are some of the directions of study.

Competition categories: HuroCup AndroSot AMiRESot MiroSot RoboSot SimuroSot

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