ATA Carnet

Bringing Robots and equipments to India

In order to facilitate duty-free-customs clearance for the Equipments and Robots that you carry to India, we have been advised to utilize the International ATA Carnet Agency. 

For FIRA Cup participants, carrying equipments and robots require the ATA Carnet letter. Equipment and Robots can be brought via Hand-Carry or can be shipped to the FIRA Venue along with the ATA Carnet Document.

  1.  With the ITPO approval letter, you have to approach the ATA Carnet office in your country and they will issue the Carnet Letter (Excise & Duty Exemption Letter).
  2. The Carnet Letter is normally issued in 2-5 working days.
All teams that are bringing Robots must contact ATA Carnet at their country to receive the Carnet Letter. 
More information on how to get a Carnet.

If you have any clarifications, please contact: secretariat[at]fira[dot]in