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2010 Logo Design

The official FIRA 2010 logo is selected from a number of submissions. The FIRA 2010 logo and mascot are shown below which are designed by Mr. Sugandh Malhotra. FIRA India thanks Mr. Malhotra for the design.

  1. FIRA 2010 Blore event requires a banner, logo and mascots
  2. The banner will go to the TOP of a website, in call for papers, in event communications (newsletters, brochures, emails) and in event stationary.
  3. The logo requires transparent background.
  4. Need high resolution and lower size images (for use in various brochures, books, websites).
    • Volunteers are requested to submit designs to [info@fira.in].
    • The author of the selected design will be acknowledged on FIRA India site.
    • Deadline extended to 15 Feb 2010.
  5. Sample logos, banners, and mascots are provided below for reference.