Biology is the study of LIFE; living things are beautiful, curious, and although it seems odd, they are often resilient and fragile at the same time. Studying life helps us learn about our Creator. Biology has taught me that our Lord is inventive and values beauty, and that He has a sense of humor. This year we will learn about living things: This course focus on the levels of biological organization from molecules up to and including the organism.

Monday (3-3)
check on section 13.1 notes
Notes and Discussion: Genetic Engineering
Prep Work: Read section 13.2  (pp322-325) and outline

Tuesday (3-4)
check on section 13.2 outlines
Finish notes
Hand out printed articles: Students should read and be ready to discuss them tomorrow.
Prep Work: Read section 13.3 (327-329) and outline

Wednesday (3-5)
check on section 13.3 outlines
Read/discuss articles
Work on Concept map in class with a partner in class
HW: Worksheet on genetic engineering (due tomorrow)
Hand out "Who's the Daddy" simulated gel electrophoresis lab

Thursday (3-6)
LAB: Simulated gel electrophoresis (due tomorrow)

Friday (3-7)
Understanding stem cells: Notes and discussion
LAB is due
Prep Work: Read and outline section 13-4 (p331-333)
Homework: Vocab review

Monday (3-10)
Webquest is due
Work on  Review assignment in class
HW  (vocab review )is due
Gel Electrophoresis lab can be turned in without late penalty today

Tuesday (3-11)
Review for Biotechnology Test

Wednesday (3-12)
Snow Day

Thursday (3-13)
Snow Day

Friday (3-14)
No School

Monday (3-17)
Biotechnology Test: Chapter 13
Note: Students should also review material from the cell cycle and mitosis, and all of chapters 11 and 12.
Hand out Web assignment (will be due next Monday)
Read and outline 14-1 (pages 341-343 only)

Tuesday (3-18)
Check on outline pages 341-343
Start Human Heredity Notes
Ticket Out the Door
Read and outline 14-1 (pages 344-348)

Wednesday (3-19)
check on outline pages 344-348
Finish Human Heredity Notes
Read and outline section 14-2 (pages 344-348)

Thursday (3-20)
check on section 14-2
Do Pedigree assignment in class
Hand out Pedigree homework; go over directions
Students start on homework in class
Read section 14-3 and outline (pages 355-360)

Friday (3-21)
check on section 14-3
Hand out chapter 14 review assignment

Monday (3-24)
Web assignment is due
Review Day for Chapter 14

Tuesday (3-25)
Chapter 14 review assignment is due
Review Day for previous chapters

Wednesday (3-26)
Test: Chapters 11-14 including meiosis, plus mitosis and the cell cycle

Thursday (3-27)
Video: The Voyage that Shook the World
Students should read and outline section 15-1 (pg 373-377)

Friday (3-28)
The Voyage that Shook the World-continued
Video guide is due when the movie is finished and will be graded
Vocab list was handed out: Students should read sections 15.1 and 15.2; outlining is NOT necessary for this chapter.
Vocab packet will be due next Wednesday

Monday (3-31)
Start Notes: The theory of evolution
HW: Finish reading chapter 15

Tuesday (4-1)
finish notes on the theory of evolution
Remember: Vocab will be due tomorrow

Wednesday (4-2)
Hand in vocab packets
Discussion: The process of science
Micro vs. macroevolution
interpolation vs. extrapolation
Evidence vs. interpretation of evidence
Students work on questions in class; All students must bring book and books must be covered!
HW: Crossword and questions

Thursday (4-3)
Crossword and questions are due
God vs. Evolution video: Questions must be handed in at the end of class
HW: Chapter review questions are due tomorrow

Friday (4-4)
Go over review questions
Quiz: Chapter 15 (will be open notes)
Hand out Student Sheets evaluating the evidence for evolution

Monday (4-7)
Geologic Column
In class reading

Tuesday (4-8)
Evidence file

Wednesday (4-9)
Evidence file

Thursday (4-10)
Evidence file

Friday (4-11)
Evidence file: Start reading the fossil record

Monday (4-21)
Finish the reading on the fossil record
HW: DNA evidence article should be read

Tuesday (4-22)
DNA evidence article

Wednesday (4-23)
Vestigial organs article

Thursday (4-24)
Video: Frogs into princes

Friday (4-25)

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