Biology is the study of LIFE; living things are beautiful, curious, and although it seems odd, they are often resilient and fragile at the same time. Studying life helps us learn about our Creator. Biology has taught me that our Lord is inventive and values beauty, and that He has a sense of humor. This year we will learn about living things: This course focus on the levels of biological organization from molecules up to and including the organism.
First topic considered is developing a Biblical  relationship between God and Science.

Our second unit focuses on understanding science as a method of asking and then answering questions from evidence, as well as the body of information generated by that process. We learn to understand and apply this method by doing it. 

Our third unit of study helps us understand what it means to be "alive". It is an overview of the characteristics that all living things share, and the life processes which all living things must carry out. One of our essential questions for this unit is, "Could life have arisen by chance?"

Our next unit is the tools of the biologist; we will focus on the metric system and conversions, and on becoming proficient using the microscopes. 

We are now deep into our study of cell structure and function, and the processes that are carried out in cells. 

Our current topics include the relationship between structure and function. We are focusing on diffusion and osmosis.