Open Spots - Cymbals, Bells/Xylophone & Rack

If interested in filling one of these spots contact Mr. Sheehe at or 419-350-4718.

Upcoming Schedule:

Tuesday, August 11th: 8-8:15 PM After Band Rehr. (Warm ups & Cadence) *

* Not required

Saturday, September 12th: 1 - 8 PM Mini Camp

Potluck/Previous Season Awards @ 6 PM & Parent Mtg @ 7 PM

Saturday, October 3rd: 1 - 8 PM Mini Camp

Monday, October 5th: 5:30-6:30 PM Battery Rehearsal for Parade

Friday, October 9th:  PM Homecoming Parade Lincoln to Donnell

Tuesday, October 13th: Regional A First Rehearsal 5:30-7 PM

Tuesday, October 20th: Regional A Rehearsal 5:30-7 PM

Monday, November 2nd: Rehearsal 5:30-8 PM

Tuesday, November 3rd: Regional A Rehearsal 5:30-7 PM

Saturday, November 7th: 1 - 8 PM Mini Camp

Sunday, November 8th: Possible Veteran Day parade for Battery

Monday, November 9th: Rehearsal 5:30-8 PM