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Practice Pet: Feedable

Before you start designing your animal for the RPZ, this tutorial will teach you how to make a simple feedable pet. It can be customized into whatever pet you’d like.

Learning Objective: Using a lightensor to activate 2 different servo motions.

Part 1: Build It

  1. Start from this template.
  2. Cut out the shaded rectangles and score the dotted lines. Don’t be afraid to cut a little beyond the corners of the rectangles. That makes it easier to take out the piece of material. Warning: Always cut on a cutting mat or on a sacrificial piece of cardboard. Keep your fingers away from the blade, but make sure the material is secure. Cut on a flat surface. Tip: A ruler always helps when making straight line cuts. Never cut all the way through the material in one pass. Use multiple passes. 
  3. Use a blunt tip to make the scores a little wider. This will help make the bends in the cardboard sharper.IMG_1548.JPG 
  4. Using tape, form a box. Tip: You can use glue to permanently close the box once you’re happy with your design.
  1. Trace and cut out two square pieces for the front and back of the animal. Add a mouth hole in one of the pieces.
    Tip: Cut out of the edge of a new piece of cardboard to minimize waste. 

  2. Assemble the body and insert the servos.

  3. Add a light sensor and an LED behind the mouth opening. Place the light sensor right above the mouth opening. Place the LED on the floor of the body. This is basically a trip light. When a piece of “food” is inserted into the mouth, it blocks the light entering the light sensor. 

  4. Connect the LED, Light Sensor, and Servos to the Hummingbird Duo. Use the Connecting Electronics Comic as a reference to how the electronics are connected.

Part 2: Code It

Go crazy with it in Scratch. Here’s a sample program (you can improve on this!):

Part 3: Go crazy and customize!

Now add to your robot! Can you giving it a spinning tail, eyes that light up, or other cool features? The sky’s the limit...but you only have a few minutes, so MacGyver up!