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The quantities given are for a makeathon with 12-15 students. Adjust these quantities as appropriate for your makeathon.


Tool Quantity
Box cutting knives 5
Scissors 5
Glue guns 6
Wire strippers 1
Philips Screwdriver, small 4
Hacksaw 1
Needlenose pliers 2
Camera (still & video) 1


Material Quantity
Power strips 3
Extension cords 5
Battery packs for Hummingbird 8
Laptops 8
Hummingbird controller 8
Hummingbird power supply 8
Hummingbird usb cable 8
Hummingbird terminal tool 8
Servos 32
Gear motors 16
Vibration motors 16
Distance sensors 16
Light sensors 16
Knob sensors 16
Tri color LED 16
Regular LED, red 20
Regular LED, orange 20
Regular LED, yellow 20
Regular LED, green 20

Craft Materials

Material Quantity
Cardboard, varying sizes Many boxes
Pipe cleaners 200
Bag of buttons 1
Glue sticks 100+
Construction paper 100-200 sheets, various colors
Multicolor foam 100 5 x 7" sheets, various colors
Felt 100+ sheets, various colors
Styrofoam balls, various sizes 40-50
Jumbo craft sticks 500
Duct tape 5-6 rolls, multiple colors
Electrical tape 3-4 rolls, multiple colors
Cable ties 100, large size
Brad fasteners 200
Pom poms Bag
Googly eyes Box, 100+
String 50'
Rubber bands, small and large 50 of each
Dowel rods 25 1/4" diameter 36" pieces
Balsa wood 2 6" x 36" sheets
Thumbtacks 50
Paper clips 50
Linkage pieces (see instructions below) 100
Markers Many, various colors
Paint Various colors
Wheels for Gear motor 25
3D printed crankshafts (optional) 10
3D printed parts to hold dowel rods to gear motors (optional) 10
3D printed pulleys (optional) 10


Signs for Doors
Permission forms/Photo release forms
Instructional materials
Food (depends on your schedule and preferences)

Instructions for Linkage Pieces

Jumbo craft sticks can be used to create linkages, as seen in the instructions for the practice llama. You can use a hand drill to make these pieces. Stack about 10 jumbo craft sticks together and secure them with tape. Then drill either three or five holes through the bundle of sticks (one or two craft sticks may not survive this process). To make uniform linkage pieces, use one of the first group of drilled craft sticks to mark the hole positions on the other bundles. The linkage pieces can be connected with brad fasteners.