Day after day we dispose of three degrees of liberty to make doing our ClassicEconomy  :

1_We have the option to choose to PUTmoney in consumption acts, and we may spend money to enjoy and to life [Burning our CASHCALLmoney ability] ;

2_We have the option to choose to PUTmoney in savings acts, and we may use money to keep cash and attend  our personal security [Keeping our CASHCALLmoney ability] ;

3_We have the option to choose to PUTmoney in investment acts, and we may buy production factors to make capital gains taking a controled  risk [Delaying our CASHCALLmoney ability] .
Resolving the trilema and upgrading it have to be the digital launch of the 4th option in digital standards of the Internet for folk's modern in mobile Google-Androïd-App :
4_We got the option to choose to PUTmoney in datevaluation acts, and we may create Webliving-Savings getting a mix of the 3 classic options [Keeping our CASHCALLmoney dynamic ability] .
Go to : Adding the money datevaluation practice upgrading and enter on Digital Economy 4G3W.

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