Branding- The Challenges Within!

Branding is a vital aspect of marketing strategies. Companies are trying hard to build a brand value that is sustainable over a longer period of time. A brand is a name or identity with which the customers can associate them with the company. A brand name will help the manufacturers and products to stand apart from the usual crowd.  A popular brand is generally considered as the product that can easily be recognized by the common masses. A brand name can be built either for the company or for the product. Some of the important aspects that are concentrated while building a better brand are the company or product's logo, symbol and design. People should be able to identify the service or product with any of these features distinctly.

The Evolution of marketing has adopted a new meaning in this dynamic world. The product superiority, marketing excellence, supply chains and competitive pricing do not only dictate the success to a brand and hence do not define the USP of a brand. Today the success is perceived quite differently by the stakeholders and customers. The success can be attributed to the customer audience and touch points which a Brand strives to have with a customer. In other words, the UFP- the "Unique Feeling Proposition" extends a larger role in the brand success.

The conclave will bring together experts in the domains of Marketing, who have achieved great feats and are responsible for some of the most promising trends in the corporate world to share their experiences  through panel discussions on the theme, “Branding :The Challenges Within”.


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