Welcome to Mrs. Ytreeide's Math Website!

Tuesday: Illustrative Mathematics Task Tuesday
Wednesday: Weiver Wednesday
Thursday: Interactive Thursday
Friday: Fact Fluency Friday


Each Tuesday in our class, we will engage with a Illustrative Mathematics Task. This is a performance task that supports collaboration, critical thinking, and creative thinking. Students make meaning as they investigate problems and find solutions.

Wednesdays are our review day, or "weiver", where we focus on activities that support homeroom instruction and concepts. 

Thursdays are our interactive days where we utilize technology through activities on Chromebooks or on our SMARTboard. (Find some of the sites we use in class on the "Fun Math Sites" tab.

Each Friday is Fact Fluency Friday! Students participate in a fluency program called Rocket Math each Friday as well as increasing computational fluency through a variety of fluency games.

Once a month, students will be tasked with a STEM engineering challenge. Students will have just one class period to work as a team to engage in the engineering process and solve a problem using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics!