Steps to Register for a World Language Test

If you are considering taking a World Language competency test, please follow these steps:

STEP 1 Important--Please Read the "Questions about Testing" and "Determine if I am Eligible" sections of this website. Read the Can Do statements. 

STEP 2 Talk with your Counselor, Career & College Specialist, or World Language Teacher
Talk about the language you want to test and why you believe you can demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

STEP 3 Fill out the Language Testing Registration & Parent/Guardian Permission form 
Available in counseling center or print (click here for registration form).  Submit completed form to your counseling center by November 1, 2018.            

STEP 4 Receive your testing date by letter from the district office
Students will be assigned a test date session during the testing window. Testing time is 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Fife District Office or other designated site.
Some tests are all computer or paper/pencil and some may include a telephone interview. You will know prior to testing.
A one time test fee is paid by the Fife School District for a student to register for testing with the potential to earn 1-4 credits for that one test.
Students may retest at their own expense by paying the test fee. 

STEP 5 Get Test Results and Earn Credit                    
Once you receive notification that you have earned credit, they will be added to your high school transcript. 
Your test will have four sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening. Your credit will be determined by the lowest score earned for the full test. 

If I am not satisfied with my results, can I retest? If so, how soon?  Yes, you can retest. However, you and your family will pay for the retest. Deciding how soon to retest depends on your situation and when the next test dates are available. In most cases, it will be the following school year during the testing window schedule.

Testing Window Dates: Click here for testing dates