Questions about Testing

Who can earn World Language Credit-by-Proficiency?
Any student in grades 8-12 with strong skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in a language other than English can earn credit. Students using American Sign Language may also earn credit. Students need to complete a self-assessment of their skills before testing, and get parent permission. See sample List of Languages Available for testing page. 

How do I decide if I should take the test?
Read the "Determine if I am Eligible" page of this website to identify your proficiency level. If your level is high enough, and you want to earn the credit, you are encouraged to take the test. Meet with your counselor to discuss testing options and get registration information. While students are tested in the language selected, all testing directions are provided in English. 

How do I register for the test? 
To register, students will meet with their counselor to determine if they believe they are eligible based on their proficiency, complete the registration and permission form. Information will be promoted within each school site. Students must complete these steps, and turn in registration/parent permission form in the "Steps to Register" page in order to test. 
Can I take the test if I’m not a native speaker?

Can I take the test if I am an English Language Learner (ELL) student?
Yes. ELL students are encouraged to take the test. However, we strongly recommend students take the test when they are at an intermediate or advanced level of English language skill - this is because the test instructions will all be in English, making the test challenging for a beginning ELL student.

What languages can I earn credit in?
Any language that has written and spoken forms, as well as American Sign Language. You take one test that includes testing in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking of which you can earn 1-4 credits based on the lowest proficiency score earned for the test.

How many credits can I earn?
One to Four credits. (1-4). Your test results include a final score based on the lowest proficiency score earned in any one section of Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening. 
Can I earn credit in more than one language?
No. Budget constraints limit testing to one language.
How much does testing cost?
The first language test comes at no cost to the student. If a student chooses to retest the following academic year, there will be a fee to the student based on the cost of the test.

What happens if I don’t do well on the test?
There is no negative posting on transcripts or other records. 

Can I test more than once?
Students can opt to retest, at their own cost, in the following academic year.
When can I test?
The process will be offered once each academic year. See "Testing Window Schedule" page for the next testing dates.
Where is there information about the laws and procedures that allow for World Language Credit-by-Proficiency in Washington?
Please visit the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction's OSPI website.

  • After Testing--What kind of credit will this generate?
    World Language credits will be generated, with unique course names that indicate the language, level, and that it was earned through proficiency.
    Will this affect my GPA?
    No. Because proficiency credit does not have a “grade,” it is GPA-neutral.
    Will earning language credits via the Credit by Proficiency Program be considered on my college applications?
    Having your language proficiency valued on your high school transcript is a valuable addition to any college application. You can use the credits towards meeting the foreign language admission requirement for many colleges and universities.  
  • When will credits be posted to my transcript? 
  • While test results may be available within 4 weeks, processing test results to transcripts may take longer.