Parent Involvement Policy

Discovery Primary School

Fife Public Schools LAP (Learning Assistance Program)

Building Parent Involvement Policy 2018-2019


Discovery’s LAP Staff Communicates with Parents:

·         LAP staff will hold a Program Information Meeting for all parents/guardians of students in program.  This meeting will be on October 3, 2018 and a second meeting for new mid-year enrollees on February 5, 2019.  This meeting will include:

1.       Testing, admission criteria, exit criteria

2.       Explanation of curriculum

3.       How student progress is monitored and communicated to parents

4.       The level of achievement expected of the children

5.       Information on Parent Education events that will give ideas for parents to help their children with reading

6.       Website  page links for parent and student use

7.       Review of the parent documents called: 1. Parent Involvement Policy 2. Parent Compact, and 3. Student Learning Plan (SLP)


·         Additional Meetings

A.      Student Led Conferences are conducted by all Discovery Primary staff in both October and March. The district and school send out announcements for this important activity, and it is on the district calendar. LAP teachers attend these conferences and share the Student Learning Plan and Parent Compact.  Parents can choose times for conferences, and they may be either within or outside of the scheduled conference day times.  Interpreters are available if needed.  If a family is unable to attend, a phone conference can easily be set up, and paperwork is mailed home.

B.      We offer two or more LAP Parent Education events. The purpose of these events is to provide parents with information about how to help students in reading.  These meetings are held on November 15, 2016 and February 21, 2017.  Alternative times before school and during the day are offered in case parents are unable to attend the evening event. Your child will carry home notices from our program about the dates.

C.      Parents are encouraged to meet with the LAP staff at any time to discuss program and decisions related to their child’s needs.  Contact may be made by parent or school in any of the following ways:  letter or note; phone call; email; face to face; through classroom teacher etc.


·         Additional Communication:

A.       Meeting dates and agendas are on the LAP page within the Discovery website.

B.      Parents are asked for suggestions about further content for the LAP web page.

C.      The LAP pages on the website will be introduced at each Parent Orientation Meeting.

D.      The school will provide interpreters, at no cost to families, whenever possible to make sure parents are able to communicate in a way that is easiest for them.


Parents Help Plan and Revise:

·         The Parent Advisory Committee, which consists of any parent who wishes to join, will meet in June 2016 to review the student compact and Parent Involvement Plan and recommend changes.  Parents can give input in person, by phone, letter, or e-mail.  Input is for the following year’s plan and compact.

·         In addition to the Parent Advisory Committee, a program survey will be sent out to all parents of Title I/LAP students in March 2016.  Survey comments will be used to make improvements to program the following year.


Parents are Informed of Progress And Expectations:

·         Each LAP student has a Student Learning Plan (SLP), completed at October and March conferences.  The SLP lists current skill levels and goals for improvement.

·         LAP curriculum is explained at the Program Information meetings and at conferences

·         Student testing, progress monitoring, and expected level of achievement are explained at the Program Information Meetings, as well as at conferences and upon request.

·         Parents will receive a monthly “skills sheet” which explains the skills covered that month, additional activities to practice those skills at home, and a newsletter that has additional information and suggestions for home activities.

·         Parents receive DIBELS testing results with an explanation of the measures and scores in September, January, and June.


Parents Participate in Decisions:

·         Parents may request meetings at any time to discuss a child’s progress or to make revisions in that child’s program. Additionally, opportunities for this are provided at conferences and Parent Education events.


LAP Staff Work Together with Parents to Develop a Top Quality Program

·         Parent suggestions are always welcomed.  LAP staff will do their best to incorporate any suggestions that will make a better program for all participating students.

·         Other comments and/or suggestions:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Parent/Guardian Signatures:

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