Here is the link to the template for the Planet Travel Brochure.  To create your own brochure in google docs, just pull up the brochure, click on "file", click on "make a copy" and then rename it to whatever you want to save it as in your own google account.  Then you can edit it however you would like.

Click here.

Here are some links to good websites about the planets in our solar system:

Newsela article

Please click on the link for your class period.

Sign into your newsela account using your google sign in.

Click on "Assigned articles."

Read the article and take the quiz.

You can change the reading level to something you are comfortable with.

Steegle.com - Countdown Gadget

Check out what my website has to offer.  Every day I post on the Assignment and Homework calendar what we did that day and any worksheets/work you may have missed.  There are instructions on that page on how to use the calendar and the late work/absence policy.
If you do not have Microsoft Word, click on this link to download a FREE viewer to view the documents from my webpage.

Microsoft Viewer
If you have an older version of Word, download this compatibility pack so you can view the newer version documents.

Link for MobyMax, click here.  Click on "Sign in as a" and choose student.  Put in your user name and password.  Click on the "books" at the top.  Click on science and start your lesson. (Use the continue button on the bottom right to start and continue your lesson.)

For parents-to access Skyward:
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