PE Learning Units

Learning Units in Physical Education

Cooperative Connection, Jump Rope, Playground Games, Fitness Testing, Washington State Health and Fitness Classroom Base Assessment Preparation (CBA). Gross motor skills activities.
Cooperative Connection involves learning life time social skills needed to function in our society.  The activities requires the students to learn skills, set goals, problem solve, communicate with others and apply challenge by choice.  In the process, students learn how to reflect on their own experience and gain insights into diversity, personal and social behaviors and attitudes that they can apply to future settings.  The Cooperative Connection are integrated with all the other activities taught in PE. 
Jump rope and Double Dutch skills are presented to help increase the student's cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance level. 
Fitness testing such as the sit-up and the Pacer test are administered in October.  More fitness testing are given throughout the school year.
In April all 5th grade students are required to take the state Health and Fitness Classroom Based Assessments (CBA).  The students are given activities/lessons to prepare them for the CBA starting this month.  If you have any concerns or questions about the CBA please feel free to contact me at schools or go into the OSPI Health and Fitness web-page at
Math, Reading and Writing Integration Activities, Fitness Testing (pull up), Nutrition,Throwing/Catching/Dribbling skills, Rock Wall, CBA Preparation, Speed Stacking.
Kinesthetic learning is one of many multiple intelligence of how students learn.  Integrating math, reading and writing into movement activities in PE can improve and enhance student's learning.  Integration of classroom curriculum into PE reinforces what the student is learning in their own classrooms.
The Traverse Rock Wall will enhance their muscular strength and endurance
Speed Stack is an activity that involves stacking special cups into three different patterns.  This activity promotes cognitive skills, eye hand coordination and fitness.
Fitness Testing (Pull Up), Fitness Circuits, CBA Prep.

Pull up test measure upper body strength/endurance by maximum number of pull ups completed.

Fitness Test (Sit & Reach)), Cross Fit Stations, Soccer, Floor Hockey, Circus Arts, CBA Prep.

The Sit and Reach test measures flexibility of lower back and hamstrings.

Fitness Testing (mile and 1/2 mile run), Pickleball, Ping Pong, Blongo Ball, CBA Prep.
Blongo Ball is an activity that involves tossing, eye-hand coordination and incorporates math skills. 
Badminton, Tennis, Post Fitness Testing, Volleyball, CBA Prep. Frisbee Golf, Foxtail, Pedometers
Working on Field Day activities,  Health & Fitness Week