PACK Unicycle


We have an exciting unicycle program here at Endeavour Intermediate School. My goal is to have the students become competent in the skills needed to be proficient in riding a unicycle.  Unicycling can improve a student’s physical fitness, strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, self-confidence, behavior and academic performance.  The unicycle program is now on its 16th year.  Last year we had a tremendous turn out and I hope this year will be the same.

We have two unicycle programs.  One is the BEGINNING UNICYCLE PROGRAM which consists of students new to the program this year or have not passed Level 2 from the previous years.

The other unicycle program is the PACK UNICYLE TEAM.  This is our demonstration team that performs at other schools, in and out of the district and other special events.


Mr. Rivera

Physical Education Specialist

PACK Unicycle Demo Coach

(253) 517-1400 ext. 22415