4th & 5th Coed Volleyball Club

4th & 5th Grade

AFTER SCHOOL Coed volleyball


Endeavour Intermediate Gym

Dates and TIMEs

Not Yet Available


Ø  To learn the fundamentals of volleyball

Ø  Experience team work & competition

Ø  Promote fitness

Ø  Just to have FUN!!!!!!!


Ø   A limit of 30 students will be accepted into the volleyball progtam.  Students will be registered in order of permission slip received. A waiting list will  be formed if it exceeds the limit.  Your child will receive a letter if he/she is put on the waiting list or not. There is no cost for this program.

If you have any questions please call or email me at school.


Mr. Rivera

(253) 517-1400 ext. 22415