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Success-Oriented P.E.

I am very excited for another great year of working together and working with your children.  My goal in Physical Education is to develop both mind and body through movement.  Physical Education is an integral part of your child's education that contributes to his/her growth and development.  It is my goal to give your child a positive P.E. experience and to help him/her gain an appreciation of the importance of staying healthy through lifetime fitness and recreational activities.  Your child will have experiences in individual , team and group activities that place emphasis on participation, cooperation and success through personal goals.
"You are not educated
until your
physically educated"

What to Wear inPhysical Education
A key element that contributes to a student's success and well being is safety.  While in P.E. class, students need to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.  Clothing should be conducive to movement and my recommendation would be for students to wear athletic shoes.  However, if your child does not have athletic shoes, the shoes he or she should wear either have laces or velcro straps.  It's important that shoes have a back that goes over the heel and rubber soles are essential.  If you aren't sure about a shoe, please feel free to contact  me and ask - I am happy to help out!
Appropriate & Safe Shoes
*  Rubber soled athletic type shoes.
*  Gym shoes should have ties, velcro or at the very least zippers.
*  All shoes should cover the heel of the foot.
 Inappropriate & Unsafe Shoes 
*  Heeleys - even without wheels
*  Crocs
*  Clogs
*  Dress shoes
*  Sandals or Flip Flops
*  Open toe shoes
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