Library Expectation

AIM are the 3 school rules that umbrella all the guidelines for behavior expectations.
In the Library Den 
Always be respectful                  
    Caring Words
    Voice Volume Chart     
      0 = silent, 1 = whisper, 2 = table talk, 3 = presenter talk, 4 = outside
     Keep personal space
    You build, You take apart
I can solve my problems           
        Use I-messages
       Kelso's Choice Wheel 
            provides students with options for solving problems
        Use hand signals

Make responsible decisions       
    Helpful, Ready Bodies
           Ready to Learn
           "Give me 5" Check your Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Hands, Feet 
     Be a "one timer"
    Respond to signals
    Use the materials/equipment properly
The Buddy Rules:   
        We will not be mean
        We will help others if someone is being mean
        We will include others that are left out
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