Den Expectations


Guidelines for Success in the Library

  • Treat everyone with respect. 
  • Treat materials and equipment with respect.  
  • Use behavior including your voice appropriate for Den activity. 
  • Always try, no "stinkin' thinkin'" (I can't.) 
  • Check out all materials before leaving the Library Den.
Each class will be given a Library Den Award at the end of their visit.
3 points = awesome   2 points = okay  1 point = needs improvement
 Engage your brain!                                                           Ready To Learn Kindergarten!
   Show me 5!                                                                      Discovery friends work together!
Check your                                                                          Discovery friends are kind and respectful.
       *eyes                                                                                                          - Caring Words
       *ears                                                                                                           - Helping Hands
       *mouth                                                                                                       - Sharing
       *hands                                                                                                        - Taking Turns
       *feet                                                                             Discovery friends are responsible
for appropriate library den behavior!                               for what they say and do.