Check-out Schedule


At the start of each school year, first grade students review the responsibilities and the process for book check out. After that review, usually mid to late September, first graders check out their first book to bring home.  There are many skills involved in checking out a library book. Kindergarten students use the first months of school to learn and practice those skills.  It will be January before student book check out happens for kindergarten.  Click here for additional information about the responsibilities and process of checking out a library book at Discovery.

The due date is stamped on the white sticker on the front or back cover of the book when it is checked out. 

A library book is a book that the student selects. It most likely needs to be read by an adult, especially at the beginning of the school year. Read and Lead is our at home reading practice program.  Those books are placed in the student's reading bags based on their reading level. Library books read by the adult can count towards parent reading minutes in Read and Lead.  For more information about Read and Lead click here.