Check-out Information

First Grade Check Out
Book check-out is a multi-step process that involves many skills. First grade students learn and practice these skills the first weeks of school. By the end of September, students will be fully engaged in book check-out.

Kindergarten Check Out
In September and October, kindergarten students are adjusting to school life and part of that is experiencing Discovery’s Library Den! During November and December, the students will be learning how to care for books and involved in learning the process for checking out a library book. The first book check-out will take place during January.

Library Book Check Out
A library book is a book that the student selects. It most likely needs to be read by an adult, especially at the beginning of the school year. Read and Lead is our at home reading practice program. 

Parent/Student Book Responsibility
As parents, once your child checks out a library book, you are accepting the responsibility to help them care and return the book in the proper manner. If damage and/or loss occur while checked out in your child's name, you are responsible for paying the fines or replacement cost of the book. Please do not try to repair a book, staff have special materials for doing it correctly.

Number of books a student can check out
Students may check out 1 book at a time to take home. In special instances, however, a teacher may reserve some books for students to use. These books are then checked out in the teacher's name.

Length of Circulation
The due date is stamped on a white sticker on the front or back cover of our books. The length of time is approximately 8 school days.

The library staff will run lists on the day each class is scheduled for book check out. We do not charge a daily overdue fine, however, if your item becomes overdue we will restrict your checkout privileges.

Damaged Books/Fines
Students will be required to pay for any lost or damaged books. We will perform minor repairs on books as needed. Patrons who have damaged books beyond repair will be charged the replacement cost of the book. Checkout privileges are restricted until costs are paid.

Patrons that find books they have paid for will be issued a refund. Refunds can only be processed within the same calendar year. This usually takes four to six weeks.

Moving & End of School Year Procedures
Students that move during the school year must be cleared in the library (no books out or fines/replacement book costs paid) and then Den staff will sign the Withdraw Form. Students not cleared at the end of a school year will have their report card held until matters are handled.
Book Check Out Procedures - Baseball Style!     

First Base - Responsible behavior with books!
--- use books as they were meant to be used!

*always have clean hands
*keep pencils, crayons, markers, clay, scissors and food away from books
*always keep your book dry
*turn pages with care to avoid tears 

Second Base - Selecting a library book to borrow
*book selection is made by the student
*picture walk through the book to see if it is what you want
*report any damages
*use the Goldilocks rule - pick a book that is just right, not too hard, or too easy
*take book to check out desk to be scanned by the computer 

Third Base - Using a library book
*use a book bag or backpack to transport book
*with parent help, find a safe storage place, away from pets and younger siblings
*share a reading time, adult help is usually needed
*enjoy the book, read it more than once, do a follow up activity 

Home Plate - Returning your library book. You scored!
*students, not staff, are responsible for taking books out of their backpack
*follow classroom routine for returning a book
*students are to report any damages